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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 3/13/2004
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Again Bob and I did multiple rides this week.  We went out on Wednesday after work and met Kathy and Diane for dinner at the Wagon Wheel in Lake Orion.  It was too dark to ride home so we put the bikes in the back of the van and rode home with the girls.  Bob and I also went for an afternoon ride on Sunday.  On Sunday we went north on Squirrel and had lunch at Muldoons on Auburn Road.  The Sunday ride was only 14.62 miles, but we did reach a max speed of 27.4 mph while just coasting down the hill along Squirrel.  I think we found a new spot to break our speed record.   

Our scheduled club ride this weekend was held on Saturday March 13, 2004 and was attended by  Bob, Pete, Rich and myself.  Steve was planning to attend but he had to cancel at the last minute due to work at home.  Again, this weeks ride was not for beginners, it was a good workout.  It was a beautiful day with the sun out almost the whole time.  It was chilly when we started, around 18F, but it warmed up above freezing later in the day.  Pete was planning to go to the Red Wings game so he wanted to be home by 1:30 pm, that was our objective for the day.  We even started out a little earlier than normal to meet this goal.   

Since we have gone south for a few weeks in a row we decided to go north this time.  We headed up Adams to Gunn Road where Delta Kelly school is located.  We rode behind the school across the grass just for the heck of it.  We ended up going west on Gunn for just a short distance until we came to the entrance to a new subdivision currently being built.  We wanted to end up on Kern road heading north so we cut through some open fields until we came to Kern.  We had to carry our bikes over a large fallen log to get to Kern Road.  Kern is a dirt road and this time of year it is a bit rough with many undulations on the riding surface.  This road also has some nice hills going up and down which caused us to work up a nice sweat.  We stayed on Kern until it intersects Paint Creek Trail right near the old saw mill bridge.  At this point we hopped on the trail and took it the rest of the way into Lake Orion.

Once in Lake Orion we rode over to check out the remains from the fire.  It was a sad site looking and the remains of the Sagebrush.  We decided to eat at C.J.s Village Cafe which is located just around the block from the old Sagebrush.  This place turned out to be decent.  The sandwiches were good and the diet Pepsi was very good as well.  Pete's friend Rick who lives in the area stopped by the restaurant to visit while we ate lunch.  Once the temperature started to climb the dirt rode and trails became a little soggy.  Pete's backside was covered in mud.  We made Pete leave his coat outside on our bikes and we also made his sit on a newspaper while eating lunch.  Pete is going to have to get a fender to minimize the mud and water flying up from his rear tire onto his backside.  Even with my custom made fender I still got a fair amount of mud and water on my back, but nothing close to what Pete was wearing.   

After lunch we unlocked our bikes and planned to hit the trail heading south toward home.  When I hopped up on my bike I immediately noticed something felt wrong.  I had a flat front tire, completely flat.  Luckily there is a bike store right in Lake Orion real close to where we had lunch, ironically the name of the bike store is Paint Creek Bicycles.  It is located at 27 East Flint Street in Lake Orion.  I walked my bike over and went right inside.  They started working on it without hesitation.  They quickly discovered a very small, and I do mean small, thorn had punctured the tire and put a small hole in the inner tube.  I was always concerned about the tires on my new bike and this incident convinced me I needed to upgrade the quality of my tires.  The guys at the bike shop recommended a Hemisphere EX tire.  This tire has a lining of Kevlar, which is the stuff bullet proof vests are made from.  These tires are a bit thinner than what I had and they have a medium tread which will be good for the off road and winter riding our club does.  I not only had them put one of these tires on the front, but they did the back tire as well.  Now I feel much more confident about my tires.  I can honestly say the tires were the only thing about my new bike that concerned me and now that concern is gone.  It took a few minutes to change both tires so we had time to check out the store.  We met the owner, Keith Riege, and introduced ourselves as the Rochester Hills PCT Bicycle Club.  We gave them a club logo sticker and put one on their cork board with other events and advertisements.  Even though Pete was the one in a hurry to get home in time for the Red Wings game, he sure was a pest, distracting the guy trying to replace my tires.  Once the job was done Pete took one look at my bike and proclaimed the front tire was put on backwards.  We all laughed thinking Pete was just making one of his jokes, how can you put a bicycle tire on backwards.  Well my speedometer has sensor mounted to the spokes.  The way it works is a receiver mounted to one of the forks reads a signal from the sensor each time it rotates past.  The way they put the front tire on had the sensor on the wrong side relative to the receiver.  So, Pete was right again, the tire was put on backwards.  After this minor problem was corrected we said our goodbyes and thanked them for doing the job while we waited.  We highly recommend this bike store, if you are looking for good service this is the place..  

After my bike was outfitted with new tires we hit the trail heading home.  The trail got even wetter and mushier while we were eating lunch.  With the soft wet trail surface it was very difficult riding.  The coefficient of friction between the tires and trail was much higher than normal.  We even rode on the grassy area right next to the trail just to make pedaling a little easier.  We planned to take the trail all the way back to Dutton Road, but we got off at the same spot we got on earlier and we took Kern Road south since it was much easier pedaling.   

We got Pete back home just in time to go to the game.

Following are the ride statistics from this ride, 19.80 total miles, 22.9 mph max speed, 9.3 mph average speed and a total time on bike of 1 hr 55 minutes and 14 seconds. 

Thanks again for checking in on us.  No pictures this week.

David Lindquist