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Rich  'Boy Scout' 

Nickname Boy Scout
Bike 1993 Specialized Hard Rock 18 speed Mountain Bike with no suspension

Rich is a regular with the club and especially enjoys the ride-eat-ride format. The one thing that keeps him away about once each month is camping with Boy Scout Troop 101 where he is a Scoutmaster. His contributions to the club have included wearing a helmet on every ride (a practice that the other members have adopted), bringing along a not yet needed tire pump and spare tube (be prepared!), and making the suggestion on a sunny warm autumn day that "we should ride all year" (which was unanimously approved and has turned out to be great fun, despite the cold and snow of winter riding). Since Rich shares his bike with his older son, a new bike could be in his future so they can spend some 'quality time' riding together.


Here is a picture of Rich at one of the clubs favorite off road places to ride, Bloomer Park.  They have nice trails for both the experienced and novice riders at Bloomer.
On the left are Rich and David carrying their bikes up a hill too steep to ride, even for us hardy souls.  There is hard work involved to go the places we do and see the beautiful sights off the beaten path.  And, if you'r not  careful you might sometimes get hurt as Rich did on the right.  Fortunately Rich brushed off this injury after Dr. Mielke gave him a couple stitches and we were on our way again.
Lastly on the left is Rich at Maggie Moos getting ready to enjoy the rewards after the completion of a weekend ride.  If you look closely you can see Bob, aka "Doctor" standing next to Rich.  Funny how Bob always ends up in all the pictures at Maggie Moos. 
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