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Pete's original bike (circ.1960)

Pete 'spokes'

Put Pete on a bike and you can't get the smile off his face! Rumor is Pete always used suspenders to keep his bike pants up on his early rides..
Nickname:  Spokes
Web page: - Pete's Excellent Home Page
Current Bike: Trek 7300

Of course, Pete is most famous around the world for Pete's Excellent Home Page - your number 1 resource for Pinball, Paris, and Fleetwood Mac pictures and information on the web.

Pete is also a famous hockey player.  He plays for both the Friday Knights and Detroit Chaos.  If you check out the websites, you will see they are both championship teams.  His profile is here.  You can see he has a lot in common with Gordie Howe.

Bike History:

Bike Dates Problem
Shitty old Huffy Timberline 3 speed 1979 - 11/16/2003  Too many broken spokes.  Serious wheel wobble.  Price to fix spokes was more than the bike originally cost.  Pedal broke off too
Bianchi Ocelot 11/23/2003 Wife's bike.  Too small.  Looked like an idiot riding it.
Huffy Maxx 11/30/2003 Gary's bike.  Gears needed adjusting.  Jason told him not to try fixing it himself.  Take it to a bike shop.  Of course Pete didn't listen.  He destroyed the gear cable and mechanism.  While he was at it, He managed to get the tire spinning so fast in the kitchen that he burned the cheap floor.  The floor will need to be replaced shortly.  Nice job stupid.
Huffy Anorek 12/21/2003 Pete's son's bike was next up for destruction.  He made it until the end of the ride and he completely busted the right pedal off.  Not only did the pedal break, but it ripped the threads out of the sprocket arm.  The bike will be trashed unless Huffy comes through with some parts.  Nice job skinny.

Most people don't know about Pete's past life as a champion cyclist.  By far, Pete is the most serious bike rider in the club.  He has had a passion for bikes since he was a tike. As he grew up, he was always in style with the latest haircut, bike, and riding apparel..
Pete's finest cycling moment was his 5th win in the Tour de France.  

This was the proof that he is completely recovered from the devastating knee injury he suffered playing hockey.  Below are a couple of links detailing his surgery and recovery.

Month 1 - Recovery and description of surgery.

Month 2 - The famous McDonald/Yzerman comparison.

Month 3 - Last update - Includes Physical Therapy videos.

Pete lead our pelaton on this 1978 Huffy Timberline 3 speed until 11/16/2003 when it finally fell apart.  It had a beautiful antique generator powered light on the front and back.  The Timberline had seen better days.  He had been losing spokes out of the back wheel at the rate of one or two a week.   Both tires were original and they were split all the way around on both sidewalls.  It was only a matter of time before the whole bike disintegrated beneath him.  When he threw it out, someone trash picked it within 5 minutes of putting it by the curb.  Someone has a jewel.

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