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David  'Woody'

Nickname  Woody
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Bike 2003 Kent Sierra Madre 7000 series Comfort bike.  Replacing his old 1989 Murray BioTech 12 speed, with a custom rear fender

David is the web master of the Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club and one of the two original founding members of the club, along with Bob Mielke.

In addition to bicycling as a hobby, David is also a collector and restorer of mid 1970s electromechanical pinball machines.  Pictures of his gameroom can be found on Pete's website under his pinball section.  David actually got Pete started into the hobby of pinball and together they have shared this hobby for many years. 

On left is David on the Paint Creek Trail in front of one of the main signs.  On the right is a picture of David's new bike.
On the left is David on his old cheap Murray bike which he purchased from Target back in 1989 for the fair sale price of $89.00.  On the right is David on his new (as of Jan 2004) Kent Sierra Madre comfort bike.
On the left is a close up of the custom rear fender that David added to his old bike to help keep the water and mud off his back during trail riding.  On the right is custom fender and mud flap added to his new bike.
Here is a close up of Woody from Toy Story strapped to the handle bars of David's bike.  Woody goes along on all the rides as an extra set of eyes.
pete03.jpg (1043 bytes) Please don't forget to visit Pete's Excellent Home Page -
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