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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 2/7/2004
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This weekends ride was on Saturday February 7, 2004.   Bob, Rich, Pete and myself attended.  Don't worry Steve did not re-injure himself, he just had a family function to attend.  I know I am starting to sound like a broken record, but we have had a long string of rides with fantastic weather and this Saturday was no exception.  The sun was out for most of the ride and the skies had a few sparse clouds which brought a light snow near the end of the ride.  The temperature was decent,  it was a 20įF when we started around 10:30 am and it was around 23įF when we finished around 2:30pm.  Pete was back this week after missing due to a nasty cold last weekend.  Pete wears a dark winter jacket with the hood pulled up over his bike helmet.  He also has a pair of ski goggles with orange lenses, the entire outfit makes him look like an artic explorer on a bike.  Needless to say we all look interesting in our selected cold temperature attire.  Steve forwarded to me some pictures from last weeks ride, so if you want you can go back and see the additional pictures that have been added at the bottom of that report.  There is one particularly nice one of me on my new bike and a couple action shots of two club members going over the fence at the cemetery.       

This week Bob was still feeling a little soreness in his left knee.  Happy to report that Bob's knee is improved over where it was at the end of last weeks ride, but still tender enough for him to take it easy this week.  We slowed our speed and reduced our distance a little from normal to make sure Bob didn't over do it.  We are a club you know, one for all and all for one.  We took pretty much the same route as last week since it is fairly clear, we actually rode a good portion today on dry pavement.  We were headed for Hamlin Pub on Rochester Road and Hamlin.  The regular transplanted European soccer crowd was there, the place was almost full by the time we left. 

The ride was going along smooth, no problems at all.  Pete and I were a few hundred feet ahead of Bob and Rich.  I think were riding along Rochester Road at the time, but I'm not quite sure it may have been a different road, but it was definitely a fairly main road because we were on sidewalk with busy traffic on our left.  Pete was in the lead and I was close behind.  Pete was feeling rather spry having missed last week.  The particular section of side walk we were on had these areas where the snow had drifted about two maybe two and a half feet deep along the right half of the side walk.  The drifts would fade in and out.  There would be clear sidewalk for about fifty feet and then we would come to one of these sections about twenty feet long that was partially covered by the drifting snow.  Speaking earlier of being a broken record, I am never sure what makes Pete try certain things.  Pete decided to see if he could speed up and ride through one of these deep snow drifts.  I saw from behind what Pete was doing so I immediately slowed down in preparation for a quick stop if necessary and it was necessary.  Pete only got a couple feet into the drift before the front tire of his bike lodged tightly into the snow.  The back of the bike pivoted forward from toward the left and ended in a twisted heap.  I  wish I could report that is all that happened to Pete.  Pete actually defied gravity and flew straight into the air.  He did a complete 360į forward summersault over his handle bars and landed heavily into the snow drift in front of him.  Luckily he was laughing as he lied sprawled in the snow.  He got up after a well deserved short rest and brushed himself off and we continued on our ride.  This was the first of I assume many structural durability tests Pete will put his new bike though over the next couple years, if it lasts that long.  The bike did pass this impromptu test with flying colors and a flying Pete I might add.  If this wasn't a Kodak moment I don't know what is, because this was definitely a classic.  No one had a camera and based on the circumstances it would have been impossible to catch this stunt since it happened while we were all riding.  If anyone passing on Rochester Road happened to have a video camera going and caught this action on tape please contact me.  If you want to wait until you win America's Funniest Home Video first and then send me a copy of the tape that would be fine.

It is Sunday late morning as I write this, and we just got back from my son Jonathan's roller hockey game.  I have a decision to make, the sun is out and it appears to be warming up nicely today.  My driveway has about three inches of packed down snow and ice.  I have to decide whether to work like a dog clearing the driveway or go for another bike ride.  Let me think, the snow is going to melt sooner or later anyhow so the bike ride wins.  I will go out right after I eat lunch.  Where does that expression of working like a dog come from.  Our dog Cosmo has the best life I can imagine.  He just lies around in a sunny spot on the carpeted floor.  Gets up for a drink and bite to eat when he's in the mood.  Runs around outside for a few minutes about half a dozen times each day.  Goes on vacation to Royal Oak  to play with the squirrels (if you don't normally check the links you might want to this time, this one on squirrels in very informative, I highly recommend it) four or five times a year.  Goes for guided tours which are actually leisurely strolls around the neighborhood on nice days.  Sleeps on a fluffy pillow when it is time to call it a night.  Did I miss something I don't see where the term work ever came into play.  

You know the expression that goes something like, "Count to three before you do or say something crazy that you might regret later."  Well Pete has a different saying he goes by, "Do something crazy and then see if you still the mental capacity to count to three."  Almost the same thing.  After Pete's entertaining flight through mid-air we continued on to the Hamlin Pub for lunch.  As Rich states in his profile, the lunch is one of the best parts of this bike club, and I must agree.  Today I went way out on a limb and ordered something different from the Hamlin Pub.  Pete recommended the new york rueben, so I tried it and it was very good.  I still like the monte cristo sandwich better, but this was almost as good.  At lunch today I gave each club member two more logo stickers.  Pete promptly put one of his on the condiment tray on our table and on the way out he stuck his other one on the public pay phone.  It will be interesting to see how long they last on those two spots.  Stay tuned our marketing department is about to unveil two more promotional items.  Check the web site for the announcement.  We will post the announcement as soon as the press conference is done later today.  In addition to the new items we had one of our better customers request larger coasters.  Apparently her husband has 40 ounce beer mugs that they use and the original coasters are just too small.  I also want to caution you not to use wet drink containers on the coasters since they have a tendency to bleed through the top edges.  If this is a problem for you just poke a hole in the top of your coasters and use them as decorations for your Christmas tree each year.

After lunch we suited back up and headed home.  Again we took a combination of side walks and side streets as we headed north and west.  We didnít make any stops on the way home and this part of the ride was rather uneventful.  Still can't get my speedometer working.  I thought I had it fixed earlier in the week, but it wasn't working again today.  Like last week I donít have the detailed statistics to report and I can only estimate that todayís ride was approximately 14 or 15 miles total.  I added a home made rear fender extension to the rack on the back of my new bike.  The rack was just a bit too short to keep the water and mud from flying up off the rear tire and ending up on my back.  I also added a rubber mud flap to the end of the fender.  I am happy to report in addition to looking mighty sharp it also worked perfect. 

Thanks again for checking in and donít forget to check out the pictures that were added to last weeks ride.  Again, for the new followers the picture below is not me, it is there in tribute to Norm Cash the late great former Detroit Tiger.      

David Lindquist