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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 1/24/2004
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Saturday January 24, 2004, todays ride can be summed up by two words Windy and Cold.  It was very windy which made the already cold air even more brisk and cutting.  At first I was concerned it may actually be too cold, but as usual after a few minutes our bodies generated heat from the work of pedaling up the hills.  In combination with the bright sun in the clear sky our body heat kept us plenty warm.  

This week Bob, Pete and myself attended.  Our other regular, Rich would have been with us but he had a Boy Scout function to attend.  Bob and I also ran into Ray shoveling his driveway while we were starting out.  Ray was fighting off a cold so we couldn't pressure him into coming with us this week.  The thermometer at my house was at 6F when we started around 10:30 am and it had only climbed to 9F by the time we finished.  The next morning, on Sunday, it read -5F so I guess we picked the right day this weekend for our ride.  

For those of you looking for the report on our ride to the Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak, sorry to report it was postponed due to the snow.  We will reschedule this trip when the snow is cleared off our intended path.  We are hoping that a lot of our followers can join us at the Red Coat, so we will give plenty of advanced noticed when it is rescheduled.  I am also happy to report the sale of club logo stickers is still strong.  We had a relatively large order recently with intense negotiation back and forth between the prospective buyer and the club sticker master.  The price was finally agreed and the stickers are in the mail.  Another happy fan will soon have her stickers to proudly display and share with her friends.

I finally bought a new bike this past week.  I wasn't planning to get a new bike, but it was one of those situations that warranted me taking immediate action.  My old Murray Biotech was starting to break down and the tires were making me nervous.  The rubber on the tires was actually starting to breakdown and separate from ozone aging and the years of thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature variations in this area of Michigan.  I also had a couple broken spokes on the rear tire, nothing compared to Pete's old bike before it finally disintegrated beneath him.  The main reason I got the new bike at this time was the price was right.  I happened to be shopping at Meijer's and saw what appeared to be a decent comfort bike.  It had everything I was looking for; suspension on the front forks and suspension between the rear tire and seat stem, Shimano 21 speeds, linear pull brakes, aluminum frame, alloy rims, index shifter, aluminum handle bars with adjustable feature to allow handle bars to be angled, soft dual spring seat, wide tires for a soft ride and an eye pleasing color combination of gray and white.  It is a Kent Sierra Madre 7000 series.  And the best part about it was that it was only $95.00.  Click here for a picture of the new bike.  When I bought it at lunch time on Friday January 23, 2004 at the Sterling Heights Meijer's I walked it up to a regular checkout lane and the lady working there said "Wow, a full size bike, I don't see those too often"  In turn I said to her "well just wait because you're going to see something you probably have never seen before."  As soon as I finished the credit card transaction and she handed me my receipt I promptly hopped on the bike and rode it right out of the store, I didn't even have to get off at the door since it automatically opened when it sensed me coming.  I rode it around the parking lot a few times to make sure everything was working.  I then loaded it into my PT Cruiser and took it home after work.  This was definitely my lucky day.  When I was driving home from work that evening I was so excited to get home to try out the new bike that I lost track of my speed on M-59.  Those of you that know me know I typically am a rather slow driver, I tend to stick to the speed limit.  But on this day I should have noticed that no one was passing me and I was the fastest car on the rode.  As I was day dreaming about my new bike I noticed a police car in my rear view mirror with it's lights flashing.  I quickly glanced at the speedometer to see I was going 95 mph.  Needless to say I had been caught a bit heavy footed on the accelerator.  I pulled over and the policeman walked up to drivers side window of my PT with notebook in hand.  I'm sure it was his ticket book which he was planning to use in short order.  Before I could say anything he looked into my car and said, "is that a Kent Sierra Madre 7000 series comfort bike?"  I replied "yes it is, why do you ask?"  he told me he had been looking for one for his father who is a former competitive bicyclist who now lives in a retirement community in small town just east of Big Rapids.  He asked where I got it and I told him the Sterling Heights Meijers and there were only two left when I took this one, he thanked me and high tailed it out of there heading for Meijers.  I sure am glad he forgot why he originally stopped me.  After he left and I started my drive back home careful not to exceed the speed limit.  I felt a little guilty since this was actually the last Sierra Madre bike in the store.

Back to this week's ride.  We decided to head over to the Palace of Auburn Hills, you know the big place where the Detroit Pistons play basketball.  We thought we might eat lunch at the restaurant at the Palace.  Once we got there Pete decided he wasn't hungry yet so we continued on our journey.  We decided to head over to Buddy's Pizza on Walton near Squirrel.  We did end up at Buddy's for lunch.  Pete had an antipasto salad, Bob had a caesar salad with chicken and I had a chicken sandwich.  All of our meals were good and the diet coke was at Buddies was high quality as well.  I didn't transfer over my speedometer to my new bike so I don't have the normal ride statistics to report.  Bob estimated our ride this day to be approximately 14 miles.  Again, not a long ride, the many long hills made it a good workout none the less.  Pete and I did trade bikes for a couple minutes during the ride, Pete wanted to check out my new wheels.  I do have to admit even though my new bike is nice, Pete still has the Cadillac of bikes with his new Christmas bike.  I hope Pete feels guilty riding that bike of his, because technically he is cheating with those big diameter tires.

Thanks for stopping in, check back next week for the report on our next ride.  The picture below is not me, it is actually the late great Norm Cash former Detroit Tiger all star first basemen.   

David Lindquist