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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 4/9/2004
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This weekend I was the lucky one to be able to do two rides, one on the Holiday Friday and a second on Saturday.  This one is about the Friday ride.  Bob and I did an early morning ride over to  Stony Creek Metropark for some fishing.  Since Steve wasn't with us we don't have any pictures to share with you, but listen carefully and you too can experience the sounds that Bob and I enjoyed early Friday April 9, 2004 morning at Stony.  

It was chilly and windy when we headed over to Stony.  We strapped fishing poles to our bikes and Bob's burrito basket doubles very nicely as a tackle box.  When we got there we started fishing at an area off a point near the beach.  Surprisingly we were the only ones there.  There was a slight wind blowing toward us that was also causing a gentle ripple in the water.  After casting our hooks they were being pushed back toward the shore.  I don't think we were getting out of the seaweed along the edge.  After a few minutes at this spot we decided to try another area.  We rode over to one of the bridges and tried fishing there for a while.  There was one other person fishing in that general area.  He was on the other side of the bridge from us.  It didn't appear he was catching anything either.  The rod and reel I brought with me was very old and the reel was not working properly.  I will make sure to be better prepared next time and test out my fishing equipment ahead of time.  I have a lot of old fishing stuff that I got from my Uncle Dick many years ago that I will have to go through and pick new equipment for next time.  Bob and I plan to do a lot of fishing this year.  It will be a great excuse to go for a nice bike ride.  If anyone wants to join us fishing just let us know and we can meet you out there, or even better yet ride out there on bicycles with you.  After about a half hour at this new spot without even a nibble we decided it was time to head out.

On the way home we stopped off for breakfast at George's Coney Island at the shopping center on the corner of Tienken and Rochester Road.  It was very busy at George's, we even had to wait a minute for a table.  Breakfast was good, I had french toast with a diet coke and Bob had a couple Coney dogs with a diet coke.  The diet coke was very good.

After a nice breakfast it was back on the bikes for the rest of the ride home.  It is always challenging to head back west since it is mostly up hill the entire way to Adams.   

Following are the ride statistics from this ride, 25.76 total miles, 29.2 mph max speed, 10.4 mph average speed for a total time on bikes of 2 hr and 26 minutes.

Thanks again for checking in on us.  Rich and I also did a ride the following day Saturday April 10, 2004.  I will have that story posted shortly, so check back soon.

David Lindquist