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September 5, 2005
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This story is about the forth ride we did over the holiday (Labor Day) weekend, on Monday September 5, 2005.  Pete and I figured we had ridden each of the past three days, so why not make it four in a row.  Neither one of us wanted to be gone long this day, so we decided to do a nice short early morning breakfast ride.   

For the first time in a very long time it was actually on the cold side when we started out.  The temperature was right around 50 įF around 7:35 am when I headed out to meet Pete at his house.  Pete was ready and we headed out around 7:45 am.  We each wore a light jacket as we rode over to the Greek Island.  Being a holiday we were hoping the Greek Island would still be open.  When we pulled they had just opened and we were one of the first customers.  Since it was a Monday they werenít offering the breakfast special we are used to getting on the weekends.  I ordered french toast without meat and Pete ordered the eggs and corn beef hash breakfast.  Pete ordered his eggs under easy and this particular waitress didnít even bat an eye.  When Pete got his eggs they must have been under easy.  Both of our meals were good and we each had a couple glasses of diet coke. 

It had already warmed up nicely by the time we finished breakfast.  I put my jacket inside the burrito basket on the back of my bike since I wasnít going to need it for the ride home.  Before we left the parking lot of the restaurant Pete noticed a car with a couple kayaks on top.  Since Bob got his kayak and we have used it a few times and found out how much fun they are, we pay attention when ever we see kayaks.  The car was a reddish Escort and the weight of the two kayaks was actually too much for the roof to support.  The roof was caving in due to the weight.  I took a couple pictures of the car with kayaks on top and I will post them at the bottom of this story.  The pictures are from my phone camera so they are not the best quality and I didnít get the best angle to show the roof caving in, but if you look closely you can see the damaged roof.  

After spending a couple minutes looking at the kayaks Pete and I decided to just head back home.  We took our regular route through the neighbor hood side streets and in a short period of time we were back home.   

Following are the statistics from this ride, 10.9 miles, 23.5 maximum speed, 11.4 average mph and 57 minutes of time on bikes. 
David Lindquist 

Pete's under easy eggs

Pete with the Spiderman dew rag

Kayaks on Escort

Close up of Kayaks crushing car roof

Another of Kayaks on roof
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