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August 28, 2005
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Sunday August 28, 2005 Pete and I did an early morning breakfast ride. 

We started early, meeting at Pete’s house at 7:30 am.  Our plan for this day was to ride for a while before stopping for breakfast.  We thought about taking the PCT down to Rochester and then cutting over to the Macomb Orchard trail and taking it to Romeo and back.  This would be a good ride and we should develop a decent appetite for the breakfast special at the Greek Island. 

Before we got too far we changed our plans and headed due east on Tienken.  We decided to ride over to Stoney Creek Park and ride around the 6 mile loop on the path at Stoney.  As typical the traffic was very light early on a weekend day, so the ride over to Stoney was nice and easy.  We didn’t spend much time in the street and for the short time where we ran out of bike path there wasn’t enough traffic in the road to be concerned.  We took the side entrance into the park that goes between neighbor hoods.  I like this route because you have to go over a few small wooden blank bridges and it seems like you are out in the middle of no where. 

When we got to the park it was nice to see a lot of people out an about.  There were many others riding bikes.  We saw quite a few walkers, joggers and people on roller blades.  The path around Stoney is about seven feet wide so each direction has plenty of room.  The path is smooth black top in good shape, so it is a nice ride around the park.  This ride is also a good workout because a good portion is rolling hills up and down.  I wouldn’t classify any of the hills as major, but they have just enough incline to make you work hard to maintain a decent pace. 

After Pete and I finished the loop we left the park and we went down Shelby road looking for the Macomb Orchard Trail.  This trail is located relatively close to the park and in just a few minutes we were on the trail heading toward downtown Rochester.  We cut over to the Greek Island, we were ready for breakfast having already completed a fair amount of riding. 

When we pulled up to the restaurant to place our bikes along the wooden slatted rail right in front we saw Ray and Cheryl just pulling out in their cool Corvette.  We waved to Ray and he pulled up and shouted over the loud exhaust, “Where’s Bob”.  We told him he didn’t join us today, another quick wave goodbye and they were off.  Pete and I headed inside and had our usual breakfast special. 

The ride home was along our regular route with nothing too interesting of note.  The weather this day was very nice, another perfect day for a bike ride.  Following are the statistics from this ride, 28.1 miles, 11.8 average speed, 25.5 maximum speed and 2 hours and 22 minutes time on bikes.
David Lindquist 

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