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August 14, 2005
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Sunday August 14, 2005 the club did a late-morning bike ride.  In addition to myself, Pete, Bob and Steve participated in this ride.  After completing the century ride just two days earlier I never thought I would be back out on my bike so soon.  I thought I might be too sore to ride again so soon, but this wasnít the case at all.  I actually felt quite well.  Pete was also feeling good, so we both came through the century ride in decent shape. 

It was a nice day for a ride and we didnít go anywhere special.  We just headed south and road around for a while until the Hamlin Pub opened for lunch.  Bob was out front for a while and he actually separated from us for a couple minutes before we caught up to him.  Once we met back up with Bob he told us about a path he found which we have never ridden before that he said was very nice.  We will have to take this route again so I can check out the new path.  I like exploring new routes and paths. 

The Hamlin Pub, which is one of favorite places for lunch, just recently completed a remodeling upgrade.  They did a nice job of maintaining their appealing atmosphere while adding some nice new features.  Their ventilation system has been improved and we were told the smoke wonít be as bad.  They also added a lot of new flat screen TVs, so you can watch a couple different sporting events at the same time no matter where you are sitting.   

On the way home heading north on Livernois there is a nice downhill stretch that Steve took advantage of to get up to 31.5 maximum mph which was the high for the day.  We stopped off at the new Ace Hardware which used to be the old Damons Hardware.  They had a grand opening the day before and as a promotional gesture they were giving away 5 gallon pails and some 5 dollar coupons with all purchases.  Pete tried to get a pail this day but the lady said the free pails were only the day before. 

This turned out to be a nice ride, it was just the right length and I think the right time following the century ride on Friday.  Following are the statistics from this ride, 22.4 miles, 11.0 average speed and 2 hours and 2 minutes time on bikes.
David Lindquist 

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