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August 7, 2005
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This is Max and I am newest member of the bike club.  I am writing this story because my dad asked me. 

The day we went on our bike ride was Sunday August 7, 2005.  The weather was very nice it was 80-90 degrees.  And it was pretty dry out. We had to drink a lot and we brought some food to eat while we rode.  

To start off our bike ride, we had to try to fit me on my dadís old bike.  His old bike was big so we had to lower the seat a lot to almost as low as it can go.  Before we did that we had to put air in all the tires. 

We started our ride around 12:30, and ended from 2:45-3:00.  The ride was hard because there were so many hills!  On the bike ride we went to Kinkoís to see my mom.  We sat at the table she was working at but she didnít see us so when she turned around, she was kind of surprised.  It was funny.  

We went about 13.5 miles.  My dad said if there werenít any hills we would have gone about 20 miles, maybe less. 

The whole time my dad kept saying we could get ice cream after, but we never did.  That made me kind of mad.  

During our bike ride we went to Mount Avon Cemetery.  We saw a cool statue in the middle of it and we took pictures of the statue and us.  We also read some of the gravestones. 

The bike ride was fun but hard.  My dad did the bike ride with ease, but I had some trouble.  After the bike ride my legs were a little soar but after I relaxed for a little bit they felt fine.  

The bike ride was fun and I hope to go on another one.  I still wish I had the ice cream.

Thank you Max for writing this week's story.  You are only the second member to compose a story after one of our rides.  Following are the pictures I took before the ride and during.  I highly recommend all bike club members take the opportunity and write at least one story.  Just pick your ride and let me know ahead of time so we don't both do a story that week.  Don't worry, I don't expect to get many offers so I will just continue to carry the load.
David Lindquist 

Max before ride getting out David's old bike

Max ready to go

Max testing the air in the tires

Max still testing

Max heading out for the ride

Max in front of the new Adams High School field

David in front of the new field

Max on dirt in front of his new middle school

Bags of rubber pellets waiting to be spread onto the new artificial field

Adams tennis courts being rebuilt

Max in front of Billy Yank

David pointing to statue

Max during ride

Another of Max during the actual ride, action shot
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