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July 6, 2005
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On Wednesday July 6, 2005 Bob stopped by on his bike and we did a short evening ride around the area. 

We rode around our neighbor hood for a few minutes before we decided to head out the back of the subdivision onto Tienken.  We took firewood south until we came to the second rotary where we cut over heading east toward Adams.  Before we got to Adams we rode around some side streets we had never been on before just to see what they were like.  One of the streets was long and down hill, which was fun to ride.  We didnít realize this street was a very large circle and we ended up right back where we started.   

Once we got to Adams we decided to go visit Melissa who was working at Cold Stone.  We thought we could try a few samples of ice cream before ordering something.  The ice cream store was too busy so we didnít end up going inside.  I tried to get Melissaís attention by waving at her through the window, but she was too busy mixing up ice cream and never did see me. 

Bob rode around to the new Trader Joes that just recently opened in the same shopping center as Cold Stone.  By the time I left the front of Cold Stone Bob was already coming out of Traders Joes.  He got a small plastic container of toffee.  The toffee had a thin layer of chocolate with nuts.  Bob shared a piece with me and it was very good.  Just before we left the shopping center we ran into a couple neighbors who live very close to me.  It was Roland his daughter Sveta and they were also on bicycles out for a ride to the drug store in the same shopping center. 

We ate our treat as we started to head home traveling north on Adams.  With the longer days of summer we had plenty of sun light for the ride home. 

Following are the statistics from this ride, 7.22 total miles, 18.8 max speed, 9.8 mph average speed and 44 minutes on bikes.
David Lindquist 

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