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June 5, 2005
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On Sunday June 5, 2005 we did an early afternoon ride.  Joining me were Tom, Pete and Steve.  Bob was planning to Kayak out at Spencer Park so he didnít ride with us this day.  The weather was perfect, actually a bit on the warm side.  It ended up being right around 90įF by the time we finished. 

Tom had to go into work Sunday morning, but he was done and arrived at my house just a little after 11:30 am with his son Andy.  Andy stayed at the house and hung out with Max for a few hours while we were out riding.  Both Pete and Steve were planning to join us.  Once I heard Steve was coming I didnít bother to bring my camera, I knew Steve would take plenty of pictures.  Once I get the CD from Steve I will post a link to all the pictures from this day.  We planned to meet Pete and Steve at Brewster School around 11:45 am.  Tomís bike tires were a bit low on air so I got out my little air compressor that operates off the accessory plug in my car.  We filled up Tomís tires and finally hit the road.  Pete called to find out where we were.  I told him we were finally riding and would be there in a couple minutes, Pete chewed out Tom for taking so long to get ready.  

We were planning to ride over to Spencer Park to meet Bob and try out his new kayak.  Bob called us while we were out riding to let us know that they donít allow kayaking at Spencer.  Pete was complaining about being hungry and he just wanted to head straight for Pizza Papalis for lunch, so I guess we just werenít meant to kayak this morning.  I told Bob where we were going for lunch and he met us there.  We ordered the individual pizza and salad lunches.  This was much quicker than ordering a large pizza to share, which takes a good 25 minutes to cook.  It wasnít crowded at the restaurant and they had the air conditioner running so it felt good.  Pete looked sharp in his new spider web dew rag.  Pete and Steveís daughters had their last soccer game of the season that afternoon, so they had to keep track of time to make sure they got back in time.   

Pete is still looking for a used car for his son Paul, so we rode across the street from the restaurant to a car dealer to check out the cars.  We only spent a couple minutes looking at cars before we started to head home.  

We actually rode at a decent pace.  As usual the ride south was much easier and the ride north back toward home was more difficult due to the hills.  We made fairly good time on the ride home.  Pete said we had a few minutes before they had to leave for the soccer game so we all stopped at Peteís house for a quick dip in his swimming pool.  The swim felt great on a hot sunny day.  It was nice to lower the body temperature and wash off the sweat before getting back on my bike for the 2.2 mile ride to my house.  Tom and I made a nice easy ride from Peteís to my house.   

One other thing worth mentioning was Steve had purchased an upgrade to his bicycle.  Steve now has his own burrito basket mounted above his rear tire.  He hasnít stocked it with useful supplies like a spare tire and tool kit, but knowing Steve he will have that stuff by the time we ride again. 

The total distance for this ride was 18.9 miles, 11.4 mph average speed, 23.5 max speed for a total time on bikes of 1 hour and 39 minutes.
David Lindquist 

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