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May 20, 2005
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On Friday May 20, 2005 I got off work a little early, in time to do a nice bike ride with Bob during the afternoon.  We started out riding around our neighborhood looking at the many garage sales under way as part of a weekend subdivision wide garage sale.  As we rode past the McBrideís house we waved to a few ladyís that were sitting in their lawn chairs in the driveway.  It appeared they may have been sharing a single garage for a multifamily sale.  One of the woman we know yelled out to us, ďDonít you guys ever work on Fridayís?Ē  I quickly responded, not if we can help it.  I think they were just jealous that their husbands were off at work while Bob and I were riding our bikes around the neighborhood.  Or maybe they were thinking how lucky they were that their husbands were actually at work.  I guess it is all just a matter of perspective.   

We started out by going to a new Irish Pub in downtown Rochester right on Rochester Road.  Bob had eaten there before and said the meal was a little pricey but good quality.  We decided to go there for lunch so I could check it out.  We each ordered sandwiches and had Diet Coke to drink.  The sandwiches were good, but not better than Hamlin Pub.  The inside had been remodeled nicely and the atmosphere was comfortable.  Personally I donít think it offered anything special enough to warrant the higher than going rate prices. 

After lunch we rode around the city and also out at Bloomer Park.  It was a nice day and since Jonathan and Mark were at Cedar Point for the day and not getting home until later that evening we had plenty of time to ride around.  Normally on Friday Bob has to be home in time to give Mark and Jonathan a ride home from school around 2:30.  I still donít understand why two healthy teenagers like Mark and Jonathan canít walk home from school when the weather is nice.   After Bloomer we rode over to South Blvd and Rochester Road area to check out office space.  Bobís lease is coming due relatively soon and he is considering all his options.  After riding past and actually going inside a few office buildings we started the journey north back toward home.  I forgot to put my speedometer on my bike so I donít have the actual ride statistics from this ride.  I estimate the distance of this ride to be at least 25 miles, so that is what I am going to add to the ongoing total. 

David Lindquist 

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