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May 14 & 15, 2005
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On Saturday May 14, 2005 Bob and I decided to do a quick morning ride to the Greek Island for breakfast.  The boy’s soccer game was scheduled for 10:30 am at Civic Center fields in Lake Orion.  As long as we got back in time to head out for the game we would be in good shape.  We stared out fairly early, around 7:30 am.  I had already eaten breakfast when Bob called, but the idea of a short bike ride sounded good so I went with him and had a glass of orange juice.  We took our somewhat regular route to and from the restaurant.  It was a very pleasant ride there and back.  The total distance for this ride was 10.7 miles, 11.4 mph average speed, 18.9 max speed for a total time on bikes of 55 minutes. 

On Sunday May 15, 2005 I posted a ride for the afternoon.  We had another soccer game this Sunday morning so I figured if I was going to ride it was going to have to be later in the day.  Tom was the only one to contact me about riding.  I told him if he wanted to meet out at my house around 2:00 pm we could go for a ride.  Tom brought his son Andy to hang out with Max while we rode.   

The weather was a bit questionable.  It was a little cooler and threatening to rain.  We decided to make this ride a bit shorter than normal and stay in the general area so it would be easy to get back home quickly if the sky opened up.  We rode around my neighborhood and out on Squirrel, Silverbell and back through some of the newer subdivisions on the way home.  Even though it was a short ride it was still a good workout due to the hills around the area.  The total distance for this ride was 8.2 miles, 10.1 mph average speed, 21.5 max speed for a total time on bikes of 48 minutes.

David Lindquist 

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