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March 19 & 20, 2005
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Due to wireless network trouble and a recent vacation I have gotten behind again on posting stories of our activities.  Over the next couple weeks I will attempt to catch up and keep the web site up to date.

This article will cover the bike ride we did on March 19 and the hike we did on March 20, 2005.  

Bike Ride Saturday Mar 19, 2005
Joining me on this ride was Bob and Pete.  Bob and I rode over to meet Pete at his house.  Both Bob and I needed to be done around noon.  Pete was almost ready when we got to his house, Bob and I only had to wait a couple minutes in Peteís driveway.  Speaking of Peteís driveway, we both happened to notice a rather deep rut right next to the new driveway Pete had poured end of last year.  Bob pointed out how there were tire marks going into and out of the rut.  We both agreed this must be rough on the car tires that seem to be going in and out of this rut.  Finally Pete was ready and we started to head down the drive out toward the street.  Pete was trying to get his feet positioned on his pedals and into the toe straps he has on the pedals when he took his eyes off the driveway for just a couple seconds while looking down at his pedals.  He coasted right into the rut next to the driveway and proceeded to lose control.  He had to jump off his bike to avoid falling to the ground.  His bike did fall flat to the ground as Pete managed to scramble down the slight incline leading away from the drive and stay on his feet.  Quite ironic that Bob and I had just been discussing this rut moments before it got the better of Pete.  We were all laughing about Pete not even being able to make it out of his own driveway before having an accident with himself.   

We decided to go to the Greek Island for the breakfast special.  When we arrived to the Greek Island we initially didnít realize that Peteís wife and daughter were already sitting at a booth having breakfast.  If I am not mistaken I think they might have been a little embarrassed when we came into the restaurant particularly at Pete wearing his Genius Dew Rag.  I walked over to the booth where Elaine and Megan were seated to invite them to join us and take their picture with my phone camera.  They were both shy and tried to avoid a picture.  After they finished their meals they did stop by our table to say hello.  Sense I like to record what people order I asked Elaine what they had for breakfast.  Elaine was kind enough to use my phone to leave a voice memo to help jog my memory.  I have to admit that Elaine asked if I was going to post her voice on the web site and I responded, ďNo.Ē  At the time I had no idea how to put her voice onto the web site so I had no intention of doing it, until Pete encouraged me and actually told me how it could be done.  So, I am not totally at fault I did have some help.   

After our breakfast we rode around a bit more before heading home.  See below for the couple of pictures I took with my phone camera on this day.  

Following are the statistics from this ride; 15.8 total miles, 21.0 max speed, 9.8 average mph and 1 hour and 35 minutes total time moving on bikes. 

Hike Sunday March 20, 2005
On this Sunday, Bob, Pete and Tom joined me for a hike on PCT (Paint Creek Trail).  Tom drove and we picked up Bob and Pete and parked in the small lot off Dutton near the trail.  It was another sunny day, perfect for a hike.  The trail was still partially snow covered and I little icy, but not too bad. 

We walked south toward Rochester.  We ended up going to the Penn Station for lunch.  I was finally able to use my frequent visitor punch card to get a free meal.  This is a promotion that they no longer run, but they were at least good enough to honor my card.  Pete brought a coupon, buy one get one free.  I think he flipped a coin to see if Bob or Tom was going to be the lucky winner and share in Peteís coupon.  Tom won the coin flip, but Iím still not sure if he won because his meal ended up costing more than Bobís. 

I did take a few pictures during this hike, check out this link for the pictures.  

After our lunch we walked back down the trail to where we started.  Pretty soon we will be able to start riding our bikes on the trail again.

David Lindquist 

Elaine and Megan hiding from a picture

Elaine and Megan after finishing their breakfast

A guy in the Greek Island that looked funnier than Pete

Bob trying out a kayak

Another shot of Bob in a kayak
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