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October 24, 2004
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This weekend the official club bike ride took place on Sunday October 24, 2004.  Bob and I were the only ones to attend Sunday’s ride and for the second week in a row we tried out a new destination and route, which turned out to be a great route. 

Again, everyone was too busy except for two of us.  Last week it was Pete and I and this week it was just Bob and I.  Bob noticed earlier in the week a new trail heading northeast that looked interesting.  We decided to try out this new trail and see where it would take us.  We took the PCT south past the Rochester Library and then rode past the new Royal Park Hotel.  The new trail appears to be an extension of the Clinton River Trail.  We got on and started riding east past the northern side of Bloomer.  The trial is well groomed and very smooth, nice for riding.  It used to be this area of the trail had large rocks which made riding a little difficult.  When going past Bloomer the trail is elevated and it was quite picturesque looking down onto the trees in full color.  As we continued further east we noticed signs stating the new trail was the Macomb Orchard Trail.  Phase one of this trail starts at Dequindre just south of 24 Mile Road and goes to 29 Mile Road.  A couple nice things about this trail, it is asphalt paved and ten feet wide, which is perfect for bike riding.  There are plans to complete additional phases, which will continue this trail further north.  See this link for additional information on this trail.

Once Bob and I got to the end at 29 Mile Road we went a little further north on Van Dyke looking for somewhere to eat lunch.  We were in the shopping section of Washington just south of 30 Mile Road.  We thought about stopping at a Big Boy we past, but didn’t.  We ended up at a Farmer Jacks Grocery store.  We got some pre-made sandwiches from their deli counter and a bottle of pop.   Bob got a tuna sub and I got a ham and cheese pita wrap.  The sandwiches were actually quite tasty and much needed for energy to get us back home. 

We were trying to decide which way to take home.  Bob asked a guy in Farmer Jacks about heading west on 30 Mile Road toward Lake Orion.  This guy had muddy boots on with socks pulled up out of his boots and the bottom of each pant leg of his blue jeans tucked into his socks.  He was also wearing what appeared to be an army surplus jacket.  At first this guy didn’t really give us much in the way of directions.  But, after a few minutes of thinking he tracked us down in the back of the store where we were buying our sandwiches.  He got real excited and started drawing us a map of “a real cool route”.  We considered trying his suggested route, which included passing the largest tree in Michigan.  Since it was getting cloudy and I needed to get home by around 1:30 pm we decided to just double back on the new Macomb Orchard Trail.  We will have to try out the route from the local muddy boot guy in the future when we have a little more time for exploring.  Look at the bottom of this story for a copy of the map from the muddy boot guy, just in case you want to try it out yourself.

The weather was cloudy and cool when we started, but the weather forecast was for the sun to come out and the temperature to reach 62°F.  Well the sun never did come out and it actually got a little cooler during the ride home.  Nice weather for a bike ride.  I wore shorts with a couple thin wicking shirts and a lightweight sweatshirt on top, this was just perfect for this day.  A very fine misty rain did start to fall during the ride home, but not enough to get us wet and it stopped after about 45 minutes.

When we got to 25 Mile Road we took it west toward home.  We actually rode at a good pace on the new paved trail, I think we averaged about 14.5 mph while on this trail.  The overall ride ended up being a good distance, over 30 miles.  Riding up the almost constant uphill three mile stretch on Tienken from Rochester Road to Adams was a good work out and our legs were tired by the time we got home.  Overall a great ride that I really enjoyed and a route that I definitely want to ride again soon. 

Jonathan and Mark’s soccer team has played two games since the last update.  We played  at Borden Park on Saturday October 16 and won this game 10-0 so it wasn’t much of a challenge.  We also had a game on Saturday October 23 against a Lake Orion team at Borden, and it turned out to be a tough game at least for the first half.  We won this game 5-1.  Only one more game remaining in this fall season.

Following are the statistics from this ride.  30.81 total miles, 25.5 max speed, 11.8 mph average speed and total time moving on bikes of 2 hour and 36 minutes.  I am proud to report this ride set a new record for the fastest average speed for any official PCT sanctioned ride.  Quite impressive if I do say so myself.  The previous fastest ride was 11.2 on Feb 22, 2004. 

Thanks for checking in.

David Lindquist