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This weekend we only did a very short ride on Saturday.  Bob and I met early and rode our bikes to the Greek Island for breakfast.  The Greek island is located on Walton just west of Livernois which is not very far from our home base.  I was planning to do another ride on Sunday, but my brother Tom called to see if I would come over to his new house and help him repair the damaged floor boards on his front porch.  We had kind of planned to do this the previous weekend so I did not schedule any official rides for Sunday.  

The ride to Greek Island is only maybe 3 1/2 miles one way so the total ride was only about 7 miles, but was nice just to get out even for a short ride.  And you can't beat the breakfast special at the Greek Island.  Nothing interesting happened on the way there.  We did ride through the Village shopping center on the way home and it was interesting to see all the people working at the Village.  There was a street cleaner truck going up and down the road in the middle of the village.  People were cleaning windows, sidewalks and watering the plants.  I can see why this area stays in nice shape, there are quite a few people involved.

Since there isn't much to report on this weeks ride I will spend just a few lines talking about working at my brother's house.  The flooring on the front porch is thick tongue and groove wooden planks that are painted or more likely stained a gray color.  Since these boards are not treated lumber and the underside is exposed to the elements it is just a matter of time before they rot.  A couple of the boards had already been removed and we removed a few more that were also rotting.  Once we got the bad boards off it was time to install new ones.  Getting the new boards turned out to be a fiasco, but I won't go into that much detail.  After we pulled out the last of the bad boards Tom noticed what he though was a snake on the ground between joists.  It was actually the tail of a animal that had died under the porch some time ago.  This animal was pretty well decayed, all that was left was the skeletal structure with a leather type covering on the tail.  I picked it up and placed it on the porch to get it out before we installed the new boards.  It had a large jaw with large fangs on each side.  I decided to snap off one of the fangs to save as a keepsake to help remember this day.  Even though at first we thought it was a baby saber tooth tiger we think it might have just been an adult opossum.    

By now you hopefully have noticed the new and improved web site.  Check out the Gallery page for your favorite pictures that had previously been posted on the web site.   

Thanks for checking in.  Good news production has started on the PCT Bicycle Club 2005 Calendar and they will be ready in plenty of time to get your orders in for Christmas, stay tuned for future announcements on the calendars.

David Lindquist 

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