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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 6/27/2004
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This weekend, Sunday June 27, 2004, Steve and I were the only ones to ride.  Pete was planning to join us but he forgot that he had to go to a graduation party so he backed out at the last minute.  It was another perfect day for a bike ride.  Temperature was in the low 70s and the sun was shinning bright through sparse clouds. 

Good news, no flat tires this week.

Steve and I didn’t have a preplanned destination in mind.  We quickly put our collective minds together and decided to ride our favorite trail north again to Lake Orion.  As expected on such a beautiful day the trail was crowded with walkers, joggers and bicyclists.  We even saw a guy on one of those recumbent bikes where you position yourself in a sitting position and pedal horizontally as opposed to the normal vertical pedaling. 

Just a couple of miles into the trail both Steve and I noticed something unusual.  Our rear ends were already getting sore.  It was funny how we both experienced the same thing.  Normally fine conditioned bicyclists like us don’t notice any pain in the backside unless we are riding longer than normal, more than 20 miles at a stretch.  But, today was different.  It bothered me that I couldn’t figure out why this was happening.  I kept thinking and analyzing the situation trying to figure out what was different about the ride today that would bring on posterior pain so early.  Well I finally figured it out.  The actual trail surface was different.  Apparently someone had done some maintenance on the trail.  New loose stones had been placed over the entire trail surface.  It must be the new loose stones caused higher than normal vibration, which worked its way into our bike seats.  The other thing the loose stones did was make pedaling north up the gradual incline harder than normal.  Steve and I both had to work a little harder than normal on our way to Lake Orion.  It was not as noticeable heading back home since we also had gravity helping us heading south.

Since it was just the two of us we decided to have lunch at Quizno’s Subs.  There is a Quizno’s in a new group of shops that opened recently right on Lapeer Road.  Neither one of us had been to a Quizno’s before so we thought we should give it a try.  Their TV commercials are very appealing.  While we were standing in line ordering our subs, Bob called in on the mobile bike phone.  When he found out we had just finished ordering he asked me to order him a tuna sub and he would join us in a couple minutes.  Apparently Bob was out in his car driving at the time and not too far away.  We all agreed the subs were very good, a little on the pricy side, but what isn’t these days.  I would definitely go back there again.

After lunch we hit the trail for the ride back home.  I can’t think of anything interesting to report about the ride back south.  Steve must have had a banner Father’s Day the week before because he was sporting a couple new bicycle related items.  He had a pair of official padded riding gloves with the ends of the fingers missing.  He also had a new hydration unit strapped to his back with a tube hanging in front so that he could continually drink water while riding without even taking his hands off the handle bars.  The water backpack is a cool idea and I think Steve learned that just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to keep drinking.  About half way up the trail we had to stop numerous times for a fully hydrated Steve to become a little less hydrated.  Once we got to the end of the trail we were faced with the Dutton hill.  This is a very steep hill and difficult to ride, normally we walk at least part way up the hill.  I plodded along and eventually made it up the hill without walking, but the wind was in our face and this was definitely the most difficult time I have had riding up the hill.  Steve tried a new approach of zig zagging from side to side while riding up the hill.  This trick worked well, he made it much further than ever before and only had to stop and pause for a few seconds before finishing.  I am not sure if this method would be acceptable for “King of the Hill” distinction, we will have to run that one past the executive committee of the club.          

Still not much response on the Red Coat ride.  I have a feeling with summer now here and everyone busy with vacations and weekend plans we may end up postponing the Red Coat ride until the fall.

Thanks for reading about our latest ride.  I have been busy setting up a wireless network at home and haven’t spent much time updating the web site.  Check out this link for pictures from this ride thanks to Steve.

David Lindquist