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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 6/19/2004
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This weekend was supposed to be our Red Coat Tavern ride, but because of conflicts we had to postpone once again.  I still haven’t heard from many people on what Saturday coming up is best for rescheduling.  We were considering June 26 or July 10 as possible dates, since I haven’t heard from anyone it looks like it won’t happen on June 26.  What about Saturday July 10, is day Ok for everyone, please send me an email to let me know.

We did end up riding this weekend on Saturday June 12, 2004 and only Pete and I participated.  I needed to be home early afternoon to go to a graduation party out in Clarkson, so we decided to do a breakfast ride.  I rode over to Pete’s house at 8:30 am and woke him up by pounding on the front door.  I left my bike in Pete’s driveway when I went to the front door.  Once I woke Pete up he got himself ready to go very quickly.  When we went through the garage to the driveway,  I noticed my bike was lying on its side.  It didn’t seem windy enough for my bike to blow over.  When I picked it up it was obvious the reason it had fallen was the rear tire was completely flat.  Examining the flat tire I found the head of a nail just barely sticking out.  I pulled the nail out and it was about 1 ½ inches long and it appeared to have gone straight into the tire right in the center.  I sure do have bad luck with flat tires.  This is the 3rd one I have had since mid March.  I am at least now prepared when my tire goes flat.  I keep tools and a spare tube in my bike pouch.  I also am getting quick at replacing the flat inner tube.

Once Pete and I got on the rode we headed south to the Greek Island for breakfast.  We had eaten there before and their breakfast specials are reasonably priced and quite tasty.  After lunch we decided to go to the Kmart shopping plaza, I needed some fish food from the Petsmart in that center.  I also wanted to get a new tube to keep in my bike pouch for the next time I get another flat tire.  We were going to get the tube at Kmart, but as usual Kmart does everything wrong.  They have so many plant stands outside the building there wasn’t any place for us to park our bikes.  We decided to go a bit further south to Meijer since Pete wanted to check out a new pair of shoes from Meijer.  Apparently a while back Pete found a very comfortable pair shoes that he could use for work at Meijer.  He was hoping they still carried this brand in his size.  I went to the bike area and got a new tube and met Pete in the shoe department where he had just finished trying on the shoes he was hoping to find.  They actually had a pair of a slightly different style made by the same company, also in his size.  I thought the other style looked a little better and more stylish.  Pete decided to stick with the type he had before, “if its not broke why fix it.”  I still think Pete would have looked sharper with the more stylish pair.  With shoe box under arm we marched to the check out area.  Since I paid for Pete’s breakfast he was going to buy my inner tube and then he would only owe me another $3.00.  Pete went to one of those self check out lanes.  He scanned the inner tube and then tried to scan the shoe box.  Apparently the tag that needed to be scanned was attached to one of the shoes inside the box.  Have you seen that chocolate milk commercial where the check out lady keeps scanning the bottle of milk over and over trying to get it to register, well that is what Pete looked like as he must have scanned the outside of that shoe box about 15 times before the self check out lane surveillance lady came over and showed Pete the proper way to scan shoes.  There was an old man directly behind Pete in line and then another lady customer behind the man.  They were starting to get impatient with Pete and his shoe scanning episode.  Once Pete got the shoes scanned he hit the done button.  Surprise, surprise, Pete didn’t have enough money and he didn’t bring his wallet so he didn’t have any credit cards.  He only had a single 20 dollar bill that he didn’t want to break at breakfast which was the reason I paid for breakfast.  He stuck the 20 into the machine and I had to pay the difference.  Oh well, at least I know Pete is good for the minor loan.  I not only had to buy his breakfast, but I had to help fund the new shoes.       

After leaving Meijers I think our shopping was done for the day.  On the way home we thought it would be interesting to ride our bikes through the old Rochester Golf Course grounds.  The golf course has been closed for a while now and they are developing the land into a subdivision and building new houses.  It used to be a full size 18 hole course so there is quite a lot of land to develop.  It is early in the evolution of this development, there are only a small number of homes built and another small amount under construction.  Quite a few of the lots are sold, we could tell by the sold signs on individual lots.  Once we got passed the area that had already been subdivided we rode further onto the totally undeveloped area of the old golf course.  We were going along well until we started to hit areas of soft mud.  This was not your usual mud either, the composition was like “quick sand” but it was definitely mud, so I guess I will call it “quick mud”.  Our bike tires started sinking into the mud, so we got off and started to walk.  Walking was manageable for a short distance until the mud became even softer.  Now, if we didn’t keep moving we would sink.  At one point my right foot sunk in up to my ankle.  I went a couple more steps and then my left foot went in up to the ankle.  I was slightly behind and to Pete’s left side and he was delicately proceeding as well.   I wasn’t paying attention to Pete until I heard him let out a yell.  At first I didn’t know what happened until I saw him standing in front of me holding one foot up in the air with only a sock on, his shoe was missing.  He yelled for me to grab his shoe, but I couldn’t see it, it had completely plugged in the mud.  He pointed to the area and I saw a hole which was the foot opening of his shoe.  I carefully placed a couple fingers in the opening and pulled it out of the mud and handed it to him.  Luckily we were through the bad mud section and found drier ground to travel.  Pete did the best he could to put his shoe back on and continue our journey.

Needless to say our feet were a little heavier as we now rode across old tee boxes, fairways and putting greens.  It is amazing how high fairway grass grows when left unattended for a long period of time.  The fairway grass had to be 18 inches tall.  The grass on the green was not very tall, just thinning with weeds starting to take over.  After riding around the course for a few minutes we agreed it was time to leave and start back for home.  There was a guy out on his front lawn spraying some chairs and Pete rode right up and asked if he would spray our bikes.  He was gracious to take a couple of minutes and spray the heavy stuff off each of our bikes.  The bikes did sound and work better after this quick cleaning.

Pete was recording today’s ride on his electronic speedometer.  He accidentally reset the speedometer about ¾ of the way through the ride, so we do not have any statistics to report.

The weather this day was again beautiful, but it was a little cool when we started and the wind kept it on the cool side while we were riding.  A perfect day for a bike ride.

I forgot to mention last week that Pete got a new horn for his bike.  It is pink and sounds like a duck.  I think Steve got some good pictures of the new horn last week.  Well at one point this week there was a man and woman on the sidewalk in front of us.  Pete used the new duck horn and boy did the woman jump off the side walk.  As we passed by she was laughing and made comment that she thought she was being attached by a duck.  I am glad she had a good sense of humor.

Since Steve or Rich wasn’t with us today we didn’t get any pictures, which is probably good since I am still two weeks behind posting pictures.  Hang in there, I will get these pictures posted. 

Thanks for reading about our latest ride.

David Lindquist