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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 6/6/2004
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On Sunday June 6, 2004 Bob and I rode over to Avondale High School and we met Pete and Steve who had ridden over earlier.  Both Pete and Steve have a daughter on the same soccer team and they were playing their last game of the season on this Sunday morning.  Megan is Peteís daughter and Rebecca is Steveís daughter.  They both played very well considering the circumstances.  Sorry to report their team lost, but it was a close game.  Pete was very vocal when we got there about the soccer ball that was being used in the game.  He pointed out how bouncy this particular ball was and difficult for the girls to control.  I have never seen a more bouncy soccer ball in a game before.  When Pete told me it was their team ball and they always use it during games I was even more amazed.  The field was in very poor condition, very thin grass with hard dirt showing through in many areas.  This poor field in combination with the bouncy ball actually made for very dangerous play, a lot of high kicks.  It is too bad that one of Rochesterís finest referees didnít notice, sorry to report the referee doing this game doesnít notice much.

Needless to say the PCT Bicycle Club drew a lot of attention when we rode up.  Children were gathering around to try out the new bell on Peteís bike.  Both Steve and Pete had recently installed electronic speedometers, so they were keeping track of mileage and speed during the ride.  By the time we completed this ride we had traveled 27.5 miles and at one point Steve reported that he and Pete had reached a maximum speed of 32 mph.  This might be a new club record for speed.

The weather was absolutely perfect, warm and partly sunny.  At first we though we might see some rain near the end of our ride, but the weather stayed nice for the whole day.

Steve and Pete reported that Pete crashed into a fence on the way over to the field.  Since Bob and I weren't there to verify this incident, I am not sure about the validity of the story, even though Steve does have pictures of the aftermath.  You will have to judge for yourself.

After we left the soccer game we took the Clinton River Trail heading east.  This is a somewhat new former railroad track that is being converted into a trail.  It is not as smooth as Paint Creek Trail, but it is still new.  Riding this trail was nice early on because it was actually a black top material.  It changed over to a rough stone and dirt trail that was a good work out.  You had to hold on tight to maintain balance because some of the trial was loose and sandy.  We took the trial to Livernois, I think and then we took side streets heading toward Rochester Road and Auburn Road.  I wanted to check something out at the Office Max.

Pete suggested eating lunch at Pizza Papalis since it was in the area.  The pizza there is very good, but they are a little slow if you order a regular deep-dish pizza.  We decided to split an antipasto salad while we waited for the pizza.  We also consumed a good deal of diet Pepsi for a group of four people.  All the food was very good and PCT bicycle club gives this place a good recommendation.

The ride home was uneventful.  I think we were all so full of salad, pizza and pop we just made a nice easy ride home.  Bob and I did decide to show Pete and Steve a secret trail that connects Fairview Farms subdivision and the neighborhood near Pete and Steveís house.

After Pete and Steve headed toward their houses Bob and I continued west toward our neighborhood.  On the way we came across a large blue and gold Macaw parrot sitting in a tree in someoneís front lawn.  This bird was obviously a pet that was outside enjoying the nice weather.  I had heard rumors that this bird sits in this tree outside, but that I have witnessed it myself it is no longer a rumor.

As you already may be aware we going to have to postpone the Red Coat Tavern ride to Royal Oak.  Too many core members had conflicts with the June 19 date.  Stay tune we will select a new date soon. 

Jonathan and Mark's soccer team is still undefeated.  We won our last game 11-2 on June 3.  We played against Macomb team that was also undefeated, until they met us.  Our last game is this coming Saturday June 12 at Borden and Bob and I are going to ride our bikes to the game.  Hope to see you there.

Check out this link for pictures from this ride thanks to Steve.

David Lindquist