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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 5/30/2004
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On Sunday May 30, 2004 Pete and I were the only ones to go for a ride.  Again this week we decided to do an easy ride and have lunch at the Rochester Hills Hamlin Pub.  On Friday I got off work a few minutes early and Bob and I went out for a ride.  Bob and I didnít have any particular route in mind and we just rode around the city.  We ended up at the TCBY ice cream  place in the shopping center on the southwest corner of Rochester Road and Tienken.  I estimate that Bob and I probably rode for approximately 15 miles.  The weather was perfect for this Friday ride, sunny and cool, around 60įF.  On Saturday we ended up going fishing with the boys out at Green Lake.  Sloan was our host and fishing guide.  I want to personally thank Sloan for taking time to take us out on the lake to fish.  The group pulled in a few small mouth bass, decent size.  But the most interesting thing about this fishing trip was the 54-inch garpike that Sloan somehow managed to snag while steering the boat.  This is a story in itself, definitely a fishing story, but a true one with many witnesses.  The garpike ended up getting away, but not before Sloan had reeled it in right next to the boat and almost got it into the boat. 

On Sunday the weather was great again, perfect for bike riding.  It was still just a little on the cool side and a bit windy, very comfortable for riding.  I rode over and met Pete at his house. 

As I stated in the last write up we are planning the Red Coat Tavern ride to Royal Oak.  We have picked Saturday June 19, 2004 as the day for the Red Coat Tavern ride.  Let us know if you plan to attend the ride or are just going to meet us there.  Barry, Amanda and Tom I am expecting you guys to ride over and meet us there.  We are still looking for a sponsor for this event, what that really means is we are looking for someone to buy our lunch.  I think my father would be a good candidate as a sponsor.  We are looking forward to having lunch with our many followers; so if you arenít up to riding over with us feel free to car pool over with other followers.  We are planning to arrive around noon, plus or minus a few minutes depending on the bike traffic that day.  Please email me to let me know if you are planning to attend.  

Back to this Sundayís ride.  Pete and I decided to take the trail south on our way to Hamlin Pub.  When we got to Rochester Park we noticed the Heritage Festival was in full swing.  We decided to cruise around to check out the classic cars parked along the river.  It was also interesting to see the remnants of the heavy rains and resulting floods over the past ten days.  A good portion of the park adjacent to the river had obviously been under water.  There are still some areas out there under water that I have never seen under water before, the levels are still on the high side.

At one point shortly after arriving to the park we came across a confederate band marching toward the same sidewalk intersection that Pete and I were approaching on our bikes.  We quickly made a right turn to get out in front of the band.  Just a hundred feet or so in front of us after turning was a guy with a big fancy camera lining up to get a picture of the marching band approaching.  Well being the considerate individual that Pete is, he quickly veered off the sidewalk onto the grass to get out of the camera line of sight.  Pete didnít realize he was riding straight into the path of a rather larger replica civil war cannon that was loaded and about to be shot off.  The good news is the cannon was only loaded with gunpowder to make a loud boom.  Obviously there wasnít any ammo in the cannon, but it sure was loud.  Well to make a short story long, Pete was right in front of the cannon when it went off and it scarred the daylights out of him.  The shock of the massive noise knocked Pete completely off his bike and being that the river water level was up high he was riding quite close to the edge.  The bike stayed on the edge but Pete tumbled straight into the water.  Peteís helmet must have been loose because before he hit the water it came flying off exposing his dew rag covered head.  At first I though Pete might be hurt because he stayed under the water thrashing around for a few seconds.  I couldnít figure out why he was staying under the water.  At this point quite a crowed had gathered around and everyone was watching.  A couple guys were actually going to jump in and try and save Pete until I told them that Pete tends to get in these situations frequently and it wasnít worth them getting wet.  Well after a few more seconds Pete popped up out of the water, needless to say we were all very surprised to see that Pete had actually caught a fish in his mouth.  I know this would be a difficult story to believe without proof.  The guy photographing the marching band rushed over and took a picture of Pete right after he popped his head up from under the water.  Here is a link to the picture of Pete after popping out of the water.

After the Heritage Festival we headed over the Hamlin Pub for lunch.  It was unusual for the Pub to be so empty on a late Sunday morning.  European soccer is apparently in between seasons and the regular large group of transplanted Europeans were not there.  Pete and I had the whole place to ourselves.  After a good lunch we made a nice ride home.

I am happy to report again that Jonathan and Mark's soccer team is still undefeated.  We won our last game 3-0 on May 25.  We played against a Clarkston team that wanted to win very badly and they were a decent team.  This game got a little physical and the Refs tried to get the game under control in the second half after letting basically everything go in the first half.  The opposing coach was so frustrated after the game he actually accused me of teaching our team to play dirty.  The coach obviously wasnít watching the same game that I had just watched.  All the boys played hard and smart, they deserved this win. 

Bad news about my bike.  It is still acting funny even after my attempts to repair.  I guess my cheap bike is showing me why it was so cheap.       

Thanks for checking in and hope to see you at the Red Coat in a few weeks.  

David Lindquist