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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 5/16/2004
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On Sunday May 16, 2004 Pete and I were the only ones to go for a ride.  Since we hadn't ridden for a couple weeks we decided to take it easy and do a simple ride to the Hamlin Pub for lunch.  The weather was great, it couldn't have been better if we ordered it up.  I rode over and met Pete at his house.  Since we are now in the warm temperature months we are going to reschedule the Red Coat Tavern ride to Royal Oak.  Since they are not open on Sundays it will have to be a Saturday ride.  Stay tuned to this web site for future announcement on the Red Coat ride date.

We took paint creek trail south for a couple miles and then cut over to Rochester Road.  Pete needed to make some copies at Kinko's.  I had never really spent any time in a Kinko's before.  They have some really cool copy machines and other stuff related to copying and printing.  Pete put me to work.  While he was making copies I had the task of cutting and folding the oversized copies of pinball schematics.  I have experience doing this job.  I have made many copies over the years for Pete's many trades around the world.  Once all the copies were made we stuck them into my new storage pouch that I mounted on the bike rack over my rear tire.  It is the same as Bob's "burrito basket", but Bob has the rights to the name of "burrito basket" so I will just call mine a storage pouch.

After Kinko's, Pete and continued south until we came to Hamlin Pub.  We stopped and had a nice lunch.  The Pub consistently has good food.  I think Pete had the New York Rueben and I ordered a Fat Jim sandwich.  My sandwich was very good and it appeared Pete enjoyed his as well.  When we got to the pub we were pleasantly surprised to find out the ex-tiger baseball player Cecil Fielder was there signing autographs.  Pete took a minute to pose for a picture with Cecil, click here to see a picture of Pete with Cecil.   

After lunch we just did a nice easy ride home.  It was a fun ride back without anything too interesting to report.  Without a speedometer I can only estimate that the total ride was approximately 17.5 miles.  After Pete and I got back to Pete's house he put me to work again.  We removed the cover from his pool and dragged it into the driveway where Pete hosed it down.  We then dragged it to the front lawn where we let it sit for a few minutes to dry.  We then folded it up and put it back into the same box it came in and stored it in Pete's garage.  I was very impressed with this mesh cover.  It was light, easy to clean and it dried out very quickly.  Much better than the old thick rubber cover I had for my pool when we lived in Portland.  I think Pete is planning a bike club pool party sometime this summer.  Stay tuned for an announcement on date for the bike club pool party.     

I am happy to report that Jonathan and Mark's soccer team is still undefeated.  We won our last game 9-2.  All the boys are having a good time.  Two weeks ago two boys, Patrick and Daniel, that hadn't scored a goal yet this season both scored.  Then last week we had two more boys that hadn't scored before, Doug and Rocky, both scored.  Another nice thing about last weeks game is that four different guys got to play goalie.  Our goal is for everyone on the team to experience the feeling of scoring at least one goal.  I think we are now down to just two or three left that haven't scored yet.  This coming Saturday we have a double header.  We are scheduled to play two games on May 22, one in the morning and then a second in the afternoon.  We have a couple hour break, so we should be rested enough to play a second.

My bike has been making funny noises for the last few rides.  I am afraid it is starting to wear out already.  A couple weeks ago I took the pedal lever off the non-gear side and cleaned out the bearings and race.  I repacked the bearing area with grease and put it back together.  I tightened up the crank bearing to remove some play that had developed in this area.  Once I put it back together it felt much better, still free to turn easily but without the looseness.  After this latest ride it still didn't feel right so I took it apart again and tightened the crank bearing nut and lock nut just a little more.  I also took apart the rear tire and rim off the frame to check out the rear axel and bearings.  Just as I suspected this area was dirty and loose as well.  I repacked the bearings with clean grease and put it back together being careful to keep everything tight while still allowing the tire/rim to spin freely.  I think I got this area adjusted just right.  No looseness and free to move.  I took it for a quick test ride around my neighborhood, it seemed to work much better.  The next long ride will be the real validation that this work has fixed the funny noise problem.  I am hoping to get at least one good year out of this cheap bike before I have to buy another one.  I think next time I will have to spend a little more and get a better quality bike.     

Glad you are still following our adventures. 

David Lindquist