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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 4/25/2004
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On Sunday April 25, 2004 it looked like we wouldn't be able to get in a bike ride due to the weather.  I had gone over to my parents house to let in a plumber this early Sunday morning and it rained most of the morning, so we decided to call off the ride for today.  When I got back home around 11:30 am the rain had let up and it was starting to look like maybe we could still do a quick ride.  Bob must have been thinking the same thing since he called me on the phone suggesting we try a ride.  I called Pete and he was ready to go.  

The three us rode toward down town Rochester.  Since Bob and I coach Jonathan and Mark's soccer team and we had a game that afternoon we were on kind of a tight schedule.  We had to make sure we got back in time from the bike ride to leave on time for the soccer game.  We decided to eat at a place none of us had ever tried before, it was called Penn Station East Coast Subs.  It was located on Main Street in Rochester.  This place turned out to have very good subs with average Diet Coke on tap.  The way this place works is you stand in line and order your food from a counter and then pay the cashier as you order.  You give them your name and when your food is ready they bring it to your table by announcing your name as they walk around looking for someone responding to the name they just announced.  Well Pete was wearing his dew rag under his bike helmet and when we went in the restaurant Pete took off his helmet but kept on his dew rag.  After doing a little research I found out that Pete is again on the cutting edge, apparently dew rags are becoming very popular with not only motorcyclists, but many outdoor sports enthusiasts, like mountain climbers and bicyclists.  See this link that offers dew rags made from wicking material.  When Pete gave his order for lunch he was asked for a name, he quickly responded with "Spike".  So when they were walking through the place with Pete's lunch the girl was calling out Spike.  I have to admit Pete could have easily passed for a Spike that morning.  The other funny thing that happened at lunch was after we all three ordered and were sitting at out table waiting for our meals to be delivered Bob and I noticed that Spike was eating out of a bag of chips.  Bob and I were talking about what we had ordered and what came with our meals when Spike realized that the chips didn't come with his lunch and he just took them from the counter without paying.  Well at this point Spike was feeling guilty and he got up to get back in line to pay for the chips he had accidentally stolen.  There wasn't a line when we first arrived so we were able to order right away and get through quickly.  This time when Spike went back to pay he had to wait for quite a while, I was surprised how calm Spike remained while waiting for quite a while in that line a second time.  Spike's patience isn't always the best in these type of situations.  While Bob and I waited for our food and while Spike was in line waiting to make mends for his chip incident, Bob and I casually ate about half of Spikes chips. 

The more I think about it there was one more interesting event that took place at lunch.  While Bob was ordering his lunch he asked the young girl that took our orders if she was the manager.  It was obvious based on her age and how slow she did everything that she probably wasn't the manager and also by the way she laughed at the question.  Then Bob asked her if she was the owner, again she said no but started to think that maybe she should be the manager.  She told Bob that even though she wasn't the manager she should be.  Well Bob didn't stop, when we went a little further down the line to where you get your cup for your drink there were two more employees standing there and Bob promptly told them that the girl at the register told him she was the manager.  This got all the employees in the place stirred up and laughing and talking to each other.    

Since a whole week has passed since this ride I can't remember if anything interesting happened on the way home.  I am happy to report that the boys soccer team has won their first three games, 4-0, 7-2 and a very tough game with a Lake Orion team 3-2.  So, we are off to a good start.  This means Bob and I are still undefeated with this team carrying over our record from the fall season where we won all the games except two ties.  We attribute this record to good coaching.

Thanks again for checking in on us. 

David Lindquist