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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 4/10/2004
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On Saturday April 10, 2004 Rich and I were the only club members to ride.  We thought Pete was going to join us, but when we called him at 9:00 am to find out where he was it was obvious he was still sleeping.  He mumbled something about no bike and Iím out.  So, we interrupted this to mean he wasnít going to be joining us.  We already knew that Bob was out of town so we werenít looking for him.  We werenít sure about Steve so Rich called Steveís cell phone.  Steve was driving on his way out of town as well.  It was cool when we started out, but the skies were clear and it felt like it was going to warm up later.  I still wore my thin hood under my helmet and my heavy winter gloves.  I donít think I will need to wear the hood much longer as the warmer temperatures of spring continue to rise.  By the end of the ride I had replaced my heavy gloves with a pair of very thin cotton gloves and I was glad I only wore two thin layers of wicking shirts under my jacket.  

Rich and I didnít have any specific plans for todayís ride.  Rich had a video to return to Blockbuster so we headed north to return the movie.  Once we left Blockbuster we decided to go east to Gallagher Road and then followed Gallagher north and east until it runs into our favorite trail, Paint Creek Trail.  The trail was in great shape, midseason form.  There were a lot of people out walking, jogging and biking on the trail.  There must have been a horseback rider or two out there based on the evidence left behind on the trail.  On the way up the trail Rich tried one of the paths heading up a side hill.  It turned out this path took him up to a main road crossing over the trail and he had to double back to get back on the trail.  We came across another path a few minutes later and we both tried this one.  This path was just a side trail that took us up a side hill to a point where we were about twenty feet above the main trail.  It was a difficult ride getting up this path due to it being steep and sandy.  When I tried standing up to get more power my back tire started spinning in the sand.  We had to stop and walk our bikes for a few feet up this path.  The next time I try this path I will have to be in the proper gear and have some momentum to be able to remain seated and make it to the top without walking.  Once we got back on the main trail we took it all the way to the end where the new apartments or condos are still being built.  Good news is that it appears the trail to going continue on further past this point, the foundation is being laid currently. 

After getting off the trail we kept going north to downtown Lake Orion where we saw no progress at all on the remains of the Sagebrush Cantina.  We rode past CJís and considered stopping there for a late breakfast but we continued on and decided to look for Seros Coney Island.  We couldnít remember where Seros was so we started going north but then realized we probably should have gone south, where we did end up finding the place.  Both Rich and I had one of their breakfast specials, which were very good.  I had diet coke and Rich had the full strength, no complaints about the coke.      

After our break we took the trail south all the way to Tienken Road.  Since the weather was perfect and neither one of us were in a hurry to get home we decided to keep riding a bit longer.  We stayed on the trial to Walton where we finally started back west.  We rode through the Village shopping center on the way home. 

Following are the ride statistics from this ride, 25.10 total miles, 23.8 mph max speed, 10.3 mph average speed for a total time on bikes of 2 hr and 26 minutes.  Quite ironic that todayís ride with Rich turned out to be the same amount of time as the previous days ride with Bob.

Thanks again for checking in on us. 

David Lindquist