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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 4/3/2004
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This weekend it was Pete that did multiple rides.  The scheduled club ride was an early morning ride at 7:00 am on Saturday April 3, 2004.  In addition to doing the morning ride, Pete also went out with Jason that same day in the afternoon and did a ride at Stony Creek Metropark.  Pete reported that he and Jason rode for approximately 16 miles both on the paved path around the park and also some trails. 

Our scheduled club ride this weekend was only attended by three members; Bob, Pete, and myself.  We picked Saturday because it was supposed to be much nicer than Sunday weather wise.  And due to soccer practice starting our only available time was early.  So, we made it a breakfast ride.  It was a nice day on Saturday and it warmed up to the high 40’s by the time we ended a little after 10:00 am. 

It was nice starting out early, I am a morning person so I like being up and around early.  Pete would normally be sleeping well past the time we finished if he could.  So, needless to say it did take Pete a few minutes to wake up after Bob and I met him at Brewster.  I have to report that Pete was right on time, even early since he was already at Brewster when Bob and I got there precisely at 7:00 am.  Our plan was to try and be done by 10:00 am so we knew we wouldn’t do a long ride today. 

With no real route in mind we headed toward downtown Rochester.  We ended up riding through the parking lot at Bloomer Park.  We stayed in the parking lot because we assumed the trails would be too muddy to mess with today. 

Before we stopped for breakfast we past a house with a ¼ mile long circular drive.  I pointed it out to Pete and I thought he was going to take on this driveway, but he didn’t.  Turns out Pete didn’t trust me and he thought it was a dead end.  Now that he knows it is a full circle with an entrance and separate exit I’ll bet he does it the next time we go past.  Shortly after the large circular drive Pete and I pulled into an area that appeared to be a private road or maybe the entrance to an out of the way business.  It turned out to be a “Zen Center.”  They did have a couple of interesting far eastern statues in the parking lot area.  We checked out the area for a couple minutes and then left.  Once we got back on the main street we noticed Bob was nowhere to be found, it appeared he had vanished.  We were starting to think that something strange had happened while outside the Zen Center.  It turns out Bob did not follow us into the Zen Center; he went across the main road down a dirt side street.  Pete and I headed north for a few minutes and after we still couldn’t see Bob anywhere we gave him a quick call.  Once we found out where he was we continued on where we met him near Borden. 

We went through Borden Park and checked out the soccer fields where our U14 boy’s team will be playing home games this season. 

We had a few possible places for breakfast in mind and decided to head over to Rochester Road and head back up toward downtown looking for somewhere to eat.  We came to a small place that none of us had ever been to before, The Crazy Greek.  It was open and quite a few people where in the place eating breakfast, so this is where we stopped.  Once you walk into the main door to the place you are fronted with another unique door.  The unique door is the shape of a semi-circle and it operates by sliding about an arc while suspended from the ceiling.  The semi-circle door creates a small breezeway from the main door.  You can go either left or right by manually sliding a portion of the breezeway door either way, we choose right and sat at a table on that side.  Absolutely nothing special about the Crazy Greek, other than the charm of a quaint local eatery that has been in the same location since 1976.  After many questions to our waitress Pete finally settled on one of the breakfast specials that included eggs, a nice piece of ham, Greek roll ups and potatoes with vegetables.    After Pete order the waitress asked him how he wanted the eggs.  Well we all just sat there in silence.  Finally she looked right at Pete and said, “I am talking to you.”  Pete said, “I thought I ordered an omelet.”  When the two of them came to an agreement that what Pete had ordered included eggs, Pete asked for over medium, not over hard or over easy and the Greek roll ups had to be wrapped in crispy bacon, not regular bacon.  After Pete was almost done ordering the waitress asked Pete if he was this picky about everything.  Pete responded, that he was even more particular about some things.  Bob had a couple of Coney dogs and I ordered French toast.  We all had diet coke and it was very good. 

After we finished eating we went outside and started to unlock our bikes from the lamppost right in front of the place.  We noticed that the Knights of Columbus were in the street with their yellow vests collecting money for the mentally handicapped.  Each of us rode over and donated a dollar demonstrating the charitable nature of the bike club.  I’ll bet we were the only people to donate while riding past on bikes.  For donations they were passing out tootsie rolls, Bob and I took ours for desert later and Pete passed claiming he was watching the nature of his food intake. 

It was a beautiful morning for the ride back home, absolutely perfect.  It is nice with less traffic out in the morning.

Following are the ride statistics from this ride, 22.29 total miles, 21.8 mph max speed, 10.5 mph average speed for a total time on bikes of 2 hr and 12 minutes.

Thanks again for checking in on us.  Our club photographer, Steve, was not with us on this ride so we do not have any pictures. 

David Lindquist