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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 12/13/2003
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On Saturday December 13, 2003 only Bob and I went for a ride.  We thought we were going to have a couple others join us but it turned out just to be the two of us.  We decided to try a new route today.

It was cold when we started out, 22F and it only warmed up to 29 F three hours later by the time we got home.  It was a beautiful day though, the sun was out in force and it stayed out all day which helped take some of the chill out of the air.  I tried out my new "Visor Cogs" and they worked great, I highly recommend them for anyone who still wears good old fashion glasses like me.  I found out about them from the Ice Bike web site, this site has a lot of good info and interesting reading and pictures.  With just a couple layers of clothes I stayed quite warm, only my hands were cold for the first half hour or so.  I guess I will need to get a better pair of gloves that block the wind than the ski gloves I used today.  

The new route I mentioned was as follows.  We went west on Dutton to Squirrel.  We took Squirrel south all the way to Auburn Road where we went west a couple blocks to have lunch in downtown Auburn Hills.  This trip on Squirrel was a good workout, a lot of hills up and down.  They set up Squirrel with walking or bicycling in mind, there is a safe and easy sidewalk going over the freeway.  We ended up eating at a bar called "Stans Bar & Grill".  The lunch was OK, but not great, I think we are spoiled by the Hamlin Pub.  There are a couple deli's in the same area and a sub place, we may try one of those the next time we do this route.   

On the way home we went east on Auburn and back north on Squirrel to Hamlin which we took east to Livernois.  We ended up finding a trail through an undeveloped area which ended up dumping us out into a subdivision.  We followed the sub road and it took us back to Adams where we headed north again.  The hill on Adams approaching Avon is steep and there isn't a side walk so we went east on Avon to Spring Hill sub and took this north as a 'hill detour'.  We followed the neighborhood roads until we came to Walton and headed west on Walton to Adams again.  We made a quick stop at the Farmer Jacks for Bob, and then headed home.  Not very exciting, but a perfect day for a ride and a lot of hills that were a good workout, so over all a great ride.
David Lindquist