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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 11/30/2003
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This last weekend in November 2003 we went north on Paint Creek Trail with the intent of an easy ride  and lunch at Sagebrush Cantina.  Congratulations to Rochester  Adams High School for winning the state football championship in their division, better luck next time Brother Rice.

Apparently Elaine's bike wasn't good enough for Pete so he tried another one this week.  This time he conned friend Gary Rochon into bringing over a bike to try out.  At the start of the ride every thing was good, Pete was feeling smartly on Gary's bike, the third bike in three weeks for Pete.

We welcomed two new members on the ride this week.  Pete's brother in law John Haslinger met us on PCT at Dutton and a friend of Pete's from work Jason Hill drove over to Pete's house and went with us.  We enjoyed having these new members on this ride and they are both welcomed to join us any time.  We were beginning to wonder if Jason was actually going to ride with us, it took him forever to get ready.  Without a doubt Jason is also now the most official looking bike rider in our club, he has all the biking gear and clothing.   

Considering it was the last day of November in Michigan the weather was fantastic.  I'm glad we took advantage of this day since as Bob likes to say, "Its the last good day of the year."  The sun was out in force and the temperature was in the mid-40s.  Most of us thought it was going to be colder and actually had on too many layers of clothes.  There was a little wind behind us on the way there and into us when heading south, but nothing major.

Needless to say Pete ended up having trouble with Gary's bike, the good vibrations of the new bike didn't last long.  Apparently the gears didn't work correctly and Pete didn't care for the added friction created by the knobby tires.  Ironically Elaine drove past us in the McDonald van on Dutton Road as we were coming back after lunch, she must have been wondering where Pete was since she couldn't see him with the rest of us when she went by due to Pete lagging so far behind.  Since it was a fairly short ride to Lake Orion and back we decided to go a little further south on the trail.  We ended up going to Walton and then headed west to Adams before heading north.  This time Diane drove by on Walton in the Lindquist van and honked at us as we pedaled along.  Diane's first question later that night was, "Why was Pete so far behind everyone".  We stopped at a  favorite spot,  Maggie Moos, for a rest and surprisingly no one got any ice cream this week, I think we were all still feeling a little guilty about how much desert we had at Thanksgiving dinner.  After our rest we headed north on Adams toward home.  No one brought a camera this week so we don't have any pictures.
David Lindquist