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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 11/23/2003
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This week we went south on Paint Creek Trail with the intent of doing some trail riding in Bloomer Park and lunch at the Hamlin Pub.

Since Pete didn't repair the missing pedal, that fell off his bike during last weeks ride, he decided to take his better half's (Elaine) bike.  See the picture below of both Pete's "old faithful" bike and Elaine's.  Steve and Rich both brought digital cameras this week.  Rich only took three pictures, but Steve took quite a few.  See below for pictures of this weeks ride.  We did ask a jogger on PCT to take one picture us in front of the PCT sign near Tienken.  Mike was the jogger who took our picture and he specifically asked for credit on our web page, so here it is Mike, thanks.

The ride this week was great.  The weather was perfect, partly sunny and the temp was in the mid 60s, what more could you ask for 3/4 way through November in Michigan.  It was a bit windy which made the ride going South a little more difficult than normal, but we enjoyed the wind from behind on the way home. 

On the way we went through some short trails at Dinosaur Hill.  Once we got to Bloomer we took beaver trail along the river.  We followed a couple other trails before we took the trail around the outside of the Cricket field and eventually came out on John R road.  All in all the trail riding in Bloomer was fun.  I think Bloomer Park is one of the best kept secrets in the Metro Detroit area.  What a great place to walk, run or bike.  After Bloomer we headed to Hamlin Pub for lunch.  They always show soccer games on the big screen TVs at Hamlin Pub before lunch on the weekends.

One the way home we went through some small trails and even climbed a hill near the city of Rochester Hills offices right off Avon Road.  The hill turned out to be a bit of an adventure, but we all made it without injury.  We headed north on Old Perch to Walton and stopped off at the Village shopping center on Adams for Ice Cream at Maggie Moos.  There was a band from Orion that appeared to be middle school kids playing near the fountain outside Maggie MoosAfter ice cream we headed home.
David Lindquist

Pete's on left and Elaine's on rightSteve climbing the hillSteve trying to climb the hill

Steve took an abnormal amount of pictures this day, believe it or not I did actually edit quite a few out, but there are still a ton.  Click here to go to the page with thumb nails of pictures from Steve's camera.  Warning only proceed to pictures if you have time to spare.

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