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Rochester Hills PCT Bike Club 11/16/2003
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Again, we first met at Bob's house then headed over to Pete's.  We decided to go North this weekend.  The temps were in the high 40s with a strong threat of rain.  We took Paint Creek Trail North all the way to the end in Lake Orion.  We decided to eat lunch at Sagebrush Cantina.  Pete ordered the super burrito, beans only, needless to say that is a lot of beans for one person.  

It was lightly raining when we came out of the restaurant, we all got wet and a little muddy on the way home.  On the way back Pete's "Super 3-speed Huffy" lost a pedal and Pete had to use the remaining post on one side for half the ride home.  Pete's rear tire is also missing a few spokes which gives it a nice wobble.  If it wasn't for the beautiful brownish orange color of the "Super 3-speed Huffy" I think Pete might consider a new bike.

Steve also discovered the bell on his "Hockey CCM" bike.  We kept Steve up front ringing the bell, we actually had a couple people jump off the trail due to Steve's persistent ringing.  Steve also looked sharp on the way home with two doggy paper bags with Steve's and Pete's leftover lunch wedged on his rear carrier held on by a cable lock acting as a bungee cord.

The last thing worth mentioning is the accomplishment of Rich conquering the Dutton Hill.  While the rest of us walked up the last half of the hill Rich just kept on going right to the top.  This makes Rich the first club member who has earned the distinctive title of "King of the Hill".

Still no pictures yet.
David Lindquist

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