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July 29, 2007
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Sunday July 29, 2007 Pete, Bob and I planned to ride our bikes west on Clinton River Trail (CRT).  Our goal was to see how far west we could travel on this trail.  Previously we always stopped at Opdyke and either went north or south.  This day we planned to go further west as an exploration ride, just see where the trail would take us. 

Pete rode over and met me and Bob at my house.  We headed out the back of the sub to Squirrel Road.  We knew we could pick up CRT in Auburn Hills by traveling south on Squirrel.  Squirrel is a good route, it has nice wide black top paved bike paths along side the rode and it has a very bike friendly bridge for going over the I-75 freeway.  It didnít take us long to get to the CRT, we got on the trail heading west.  Again, after a short time we arrived at Opdyke.  We crossed Opdyke staying on the trail heading west.  We quickly had our doubts on how much further we were going to go on the trail.  The trail surface was not paved and it was covered with crushed stones and the further we went the less crushed the stones.  It got to the point where we were riding on rather large stones and I was concerned my thin hybrid tires werenít going to hold up to riding on this surface.  After a short discussion we all three agreed to turn around and head back toward Opdyke, no sense going any further west on this surface. 

We made it back to Opdyke without any flat tires.  Now we had a decision of where to go next.  We all had planned for a rather lengthy ride this day, we certainly didnít want to head back home already.  Without much thought we just started riding south on Opdyke.  Before we knew it we had come upon Woodward in the Birmingham area.  Road construction was taking place on Woodward and the right two of the four southbound lanes were closed to car traffic.  This was perfect for us, brand new smooth paved surface all to our own.  There wasnít anyone out working and we had these lanes all to ourselves.  We just flew down Woodward, only stopping when we came across red traffic lights.  At this point we had decided to ride all the way to Duganís for lunch. 

It was around 10:30 am as we approached Duganís.  Duganís didnít open until 11:30 am so we had about an hour to kill before we could have lunch.  We called a few of the local PCT Bike Club members to see if they wanted to ride with us for a little ways and then join us for lunch.  We got Barry on the phone and he was in.  Next we got a hold of Gary by phone and he was in as well.  Next we called Tom, but we couldnít get a hold of him, he wasnít home at the time.  We made plans to meet Gary at my Mom and Dadís house in Royal Oak and we were going to meet Barry a little later at the intersection of Coolidge and Catalpa.  Me, Pete and Bob arrived at my Mom and Dadís just a couple minutes before Gary showed up.  We went inside to visit a few minutes before heading out to meet Barry.   

Not too long ago Pete had set the club record for drinking raw eggs.  Tom tried to beat Peteís record but couldnít drink as many as Pete.  For a while my Dad thought we made up the whole story of Pete drinking raw eggs just to trick Tom into trying.  Well, this bothered Pete and while we were in my parentís kitchen my Dad asked us if we wanted anything to eat or drink, he offered us some fresh breakfast buns.  Pete said yes he would like an egg to drink.  This was Peteís way of showing my Dad that he actually drank the eggs to set the club record.  We got an egg out of the refrigerator and Pete quickly cracked it in a small glass and drank it down.  He did it so fast I thought my Dad might have missed seeing it happen.   I could tell by the look on Garyís face he thought this was pretty gross and Gary wouldnít be drinking any raw eggs any time soon. 

I took a few pictures with my cell phone from the ride this day.  I will post the pictures at the bottom of this page.

After our short visit with my Mom and Dad it was time to continue our ride.  We should arrive at Duganís right about when they open.  When we went outside Gary noticed he had a slow leak in one of his tires on his bike.  This was going to be a problem, canít very well ride with a leaky tire.  Garyís wife Judy has a decent bike so Gary figured he would quickly ride home and use Judyís bike and then get his tire fixed later.  Pete decided to ride back with Gary and Bob and I headed off to meet Barry.  Our plan was to all meet back up at Duganís.  Bob and I headed west on Catalpa where we met Barry in the parking lot of a Family Video store near the intersection of Coolidge.  We explained what happed to Garyís bike and told Barry we were just meeting them at Duganís.  Apparently Gary wasnít the only one with tire issues.  Barry was riding his son Brianís bike because Brian had borrowed one of the wheels off Barryís bike.  Because Barryís bike was not usable on short notice due to the missing wheel he just used Brianís. 

Barry took us through some side streets on our way to Duganís.  It only took us a few minutes to travel the couple miles to Duganís.  We locked our bikes outside in the parking lot and then made our way inside.  Pete and Gary werenít far behind, they joined up with us just a few minutes after we were seated.  We sat upstairs so we could look out the large open windows onto Woodward and also keep an eye on our bikes.  Odds are no one would pay attention to our bikes, but it is nice to be able to keep an eye on them just in case. 

I canít remember what everyone ordered for lunch, but I do remember we had a good time hanging out together while eating lunch.  After lunch Barry headed back south to his house.  Gary wanted to do some more riding and Pete suggested he ride back with us and have Judy drive out to take him home later.  Pete invited everyone to his house for a cookout and pool party.  Gary called Judy and she agreed to meet later at Peteís house.    

We went back up Woodward riding in the closed lanes on our way back home.  On the way home Bob complained about being sore and he was having a little trouble keeping up.  He mentioned that he had done a fair amount of running the past couple days and his body was sore from running and the combination of this long bike ride.  We slowed the pace down a little and Bob caught his second wind and didnít have any trouble keeping up for the second half of the ride home. 

Some clouds came out as the temperature warmed up as the day progressed.  I was glad to see the clouds to help reduce the heat of the sun, otherwise this would have been a very hot ride home.  Over all the weather was very nice, perfect for a long bike ride.  Diane and I ended up going over to Pete and Elaineís for the swim and cookout.  Turned out to be a fun summer weekend day. 

Following are the ride statistics from this day.  39.0  miles total, 27.5 mph max speed, average speed 11.2 mph with time on bikes of 3 hours and 27 minutes.
David Lindquist 

View looking down Woodward

Bob & Pete riding on Woodward

Another of Bob & Pete

Pete getting ready to drink an egg

Bob at my parent's house

My Dad talking to Pete

My Mom getting us a drink

The raw eggs

The small glass is what Pete used to drink egg

Barry & Pete at lunch

Gary & Bob at lunch

View out the window at Dugan's at lunch
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