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July 14, 2007
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Saturday July 14, 2007 I rode my bike over to Pete's house at 8:15 am. Steve was already at Pete's when I got there, and our plan for this day was to walk to Rochester Bike Shop (RBS) to pick up Pete's, Paul's and Steve's bikes.  Apparently Steve had dropped off his bike earlier in the week to get a tune up and it was ready to be picked up as well.  One of the reason we were starting out so early was to stop off at the Greek Island for breakfast on our way to RBS.

It was a nice morning so the walk to Greek Island was very pleasant.  We each order a version of the breakfast special.  You can't beat the Greek Island for for their breakfast special, it is tasty and very reasonably priced.  Pete always orders his eggs some strange way.  A few of the waitresses there are used to Pete and it doesn't phase them anymore when he orders his eggs under easy.  Every once in a while we get a new waitress and they always spend a couple minutes trying to understand Pete and then explain to him the correct way to order.

After breakfast we continued walking to RBS.  Even though it was a nice morning we didn't run across many other people out walking on our way to RBS.  Time went by fast as we walked.  We kept each other entertained with conversation as we walked.  Once we arrived at the bike shop it didn't take long for Pete and Steve to pay for the repairs and tune ups.  I took Paul's bike and rode it home.  Pete and Steve each rode their own bikes.  As I mentioned in an earlier ride story, Paul's bike rides really nice and it rode even better after the tune up.  I enjoyed riding this bike back to Pete's house.

Steve was joking that he spent more on the tune up of his old CCM bike than it was actually worth.  At some point Steve is going to get a new bike, it is just a matter of time.  Pete commented that his bike was riding better than normal and they did a nice job of truing up Pete's rear wheel.  I wonder how long it will take for Pete to crash into something causing the wheel to get out of round again.  Pete's normal aggressive nature just doesn't work well when it comes to bike riding.  His bike just isn't sturdy enough for what Pete dishes out.

Obviously the trip home was much quicker on bikes than the trip walking to RBS earlier.  It only took us a few minutes to ride back to Pete's house.  We got back to Pete's around 10:15 am and after the short 2.4 mile ride back to my house it was around 10:30 am.  A nice walk, breakfast and a short bike ride and my family still isn't out of bed yet.

Following are the statistics from this ride, from the speedometer on my bike 4.95 miles, 24.5 max speed, 12.6 mph average speed (15.2 mph avg for just the ride over to Pete's house).  Including the approximate 5.5 miles from the bike shop the total distance for me this day was 10.4 miles.  
David Lindquist 

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