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July 7, 2007
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Saturday July 7, 2007 Pete, Bob and I decided to do a ride this day.  It was supposed to be a nice warm day so we planned the night before to get together for a ride.  The plan was to meet at Bob's house and head some where west and south.  Pete rode the extra 2.2 miles from his house to my neighborhood, so he an extra 4.4 miles of riding above and beyond what Bob and I rode.  Typically we meet at Pete's house and Bob and I get the benefit of the additional distance.

Bob was feeling a bit tired from a cold he has been fighting the past week, so he didn't want to ride too far this day.  Again, we didn't have any firm plan on our destination we just started out heading west.  After a couple miles we started going south and before we knew it we were going through Troy heading toward Birmingham.  I guess Bob was feeling better than he thought because he took the lead was setting a fairly decent pace.  He didn't see too concerned about the distance we had gone.  Once thing we always have to keep in mind is that however far we have gone we must have the time and energy to ride the same distance to get back home.  It is also easier heading south since it is more downhill and obviously the return trip north will be slightly harder dealing with the reverse uphill.

Pete and I kept following Bob as we approached Royal Oak.  We stopped for a short break to have a drink from our water bottles and we discussed whether we should turn around and start heading back or continue all the way to Royal Oak.  We all agreed that lunch at Dugan's on Woodward sounded good so we continued on toward Royal Oak.

It was started to warm up nicely as we rode.  The day started out warm and it was getting hot.  We all knew it going to be a hot on so we each brought extra water for this ride.  The break at Dugan's would come at just the right time.  I was ready for some food and a place to rest in the shade for a few minutes before tackling the ride home.  In addition to being warm there weren't many clouds in the sky, so the sun was beating down on us making sure we stayed warm. 

My bike was working well.  I had recently picked it up from the bike shop after a tune up and it was handling just fine.  My rear tire was better, but still not quite right.  It was slightly out of round, but certainly much better than before.  The brakes were working better after new pads and adjustment.  I know Pete's air horn was functioning well.  He had to use it a couple times to get the attention of motorists that weren't paying attention when we had the right of way.  Pete doesn't hesitate to use his air horn, matter of fact I think he might enjoy the look of surprise on the face of some people after they have been warned by Pete.

Well, after Bob continued to set a quick pace both Pete and agreed that Bob had forgotten about feeling tired this day.  I just hoped Bob would have enough energy for the grueling ride home, especially the uphill portion north of M-59. 

We arrived at Dugan's right when they were opening, perfect timing.  We were the first ones in the place, we had our choice of seats.  We chose at table next to the open window on the second floor over looking Woodward and the parking lot.  We locked our bikes, but it is also nice when we can keep an eye on them while we eat lunch.  Our meals were quite tasty, and overall lunch was very good.  We have had good luck at Dugan's and the food always seems to be pretty good. 

Once we finished the three of us were just sitting around relaxing.  I think we all were comfortable and no one seemed to be in a hurry to start the ride back home.  Eventually we all agreed we should leave the comfort of Dugan's and start the long ride back home.  I put on a fresh coat of sun screen and we all filled up our water bottles before heading back home.

We headed north on the sidewalk along Woodward until we got to the road construction area a few miles north.  We were able to ride in the street in the freshly repaved lanes that were still closed to motor traffic.  It was perfect for us bike riders, our own private lane along Woodward.  We used these lanes for a few miles on the way south and we did the same thing for a portion of our ride north on our way back.

We ended up cutting over to Squirrel Road and stayed on Squirrel all the way to Dutton.  About half way home the miles were finally starting to get to Bob.  His level of energy was dropping and we needed to slow the pace down on the way home.  This didn't bother me at all, it was even hotter during this afternoon ride and going a little slower helped me conserve some energy as well. 

We know the hills were going to be tough and they were.  We just took our time and rode at a nice reasonable pace when ever we got to a steep upgrade.  The down hill portions seemed too quick, they were over before we even got a chance to enjoy a break from pedaling.  It ended up being a fairly long ride and combined with our stop for lunch we ended up being out for about four hours.

I enjoyed this ride, even though it was a hot sunny day.  Following are the stats from this ride; 32.2 miles, 2 hr 59 min of actual time on bikes, 32.0 max speed and an average speed of 10.7 mph.

David Lindquist 

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