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June 23, 2007
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Saturday June 23, 2007 Maxís little league baseball team had made it to the finals for the championship.  Since this tournament was a double elimination and the team they would be playing hadnít lost yet the only way Maxís team could win it all is if they could win the first game and there by forcing a second game in which they would have to win that one as well.  The first game was scheduled for 11:00 am so I needed to make sure I was back in time from my bike ride to head over to the game. 

Bob needed to be home relatively early as well, so we decided to do an early morning breakfast ride.  It was just me and Bob and we started out by me picking up Bob from his house at 7:00 am.  This might seem early to most sleepy heads, but to me this is the perfect time to start out.  The temperatures are usually a bit cooler and the roads are darn near empty. 

Our first destination was our favorite breakfast place, Greek Island.  By the time we left Bobís house and did a nice easy ride to the restaurant it was about 7:30 and the Greek Island was open for business.  We were one of the first customers that morning.  We took a seat next to a window where we could keep an eye on our bikes. 

I canít remember for sure what we ordered, I think I got French toast.  I do remember our meals were fine, no issues.  After we finished eating it was time to mount back on our bikes and ride some more.  We paused for a minute trying to decide where to go next.  Because we both had to get back fairly early we decided to ride over to Oakland University (OU) and ride around the campus grounds.  OU is a fairly large campus so it is easy to get in quite a few miles while being able to ride all over.  The campus has many hills so you can get a good workout as well. 

After riding around the campus for 35 to 40 minutes we exited on the west side onto Squirrel Road.  We went across Squirrel to the small park adjacent to the city of Auburn Hills administration buildings.  The park has a short trail in amongst a bunch of trees along a narrow river.  It is a short trail, but very scenic and enjoyable.  We came off the trail into a parking lot and rode behind some businesses as we headed north parallel to Squirrel.  Finally we came out back onto the paved bike path along Squirrel heading for home.   

We stopped at a McDonalds, Bob wanted to get his son Mark a carryout breakfast on our way home.  He went inside and I waited out front.  The big breakfast Bob purchased fit perfectly inside his burrito basket.  We were quickly back on our bikes heading for home again.  We stayed on Squirrel to Tienken where we went east and came in the back of the subdivision.  We got home around 9:00 am which was plenty early to join Max and Diane for the baseball game. 

Following are the statistics from this ride 13.7 miles total, 23.5 max speed, 10.1 mph average speed and 1 hour and 21 minutes time moving on bikes.  
David Lindquist 

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