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June 10, 2007
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Sunday June 10, 2007 we did a bike ride.  Joining me were Bob, Pete and Steve.  It was another perfect day for a bike ride and I canít remember what time we rode, but I donít think we stopped for lunch so we must have rode either in the morning right after breakfast or afternoon after lunch.  It is unusual for us to ride without stopping for a lunch in between. 

I rode over and pick up Bob at his house, next stop Peteís then Steveís.  Once we were all together we made the joint decision to head south.  We rode over to Dutton and down the hill to Paint Creek Trail.  We took the trail south all the way to the end and over to Bloomer Park.  We rode the easy trails in Bloomer which are still a good workout due to the challenging up hill sections.  After tooling around Bloomer for a little while we exited the park onto John R Road.  My legs were already starting to get tired, I can tell I am still not in good biking shape yet.  Pete must still be having trouble with his allergies because he was having trouble keeping up, this is unusual for Pete.  At one point Bob got a little ahead of us near the end of the trails.  I caught up to Bob and Steve was behind taking pictures and Pete was last to join us in the parking lot before exiting the park due to his lack of energy. 

We rode over past Hampton Golf Course going toward Rochester Road.  Pete wanted to stop by the pool store to see if they were open.  If they were open Pete wanted to buy a couple parts for a repair he had underway on his pool.  Turns out they werenít open so we kept riding.  Pete next wanted to stop and use the free air at the Belle Tire store.  We continued north on Rochester Road to the Belle Tire.  The air hose was out lying in the parking lot, but the air compression wasnít turned on so we werenít able to get free air.   

With no more places to visit it was time to head home.  We rode many side streets which is a fairly regular route we take to get over to Livernois.  Once on Livernois we rode to Walton and took our other fairly regular route behind Greek Island to get to Tienken Road.  Nothing of interest happened on our way home.  It was just a good steady ride home.  We took turns riding next to each other having general conversation as we rode.   

Pete and Steve split off from me and Bob at our normal parting location close to Peteís street.  Bob and I finished the short ride to our subdivisions on the west side of Adams.  Following are the statistics from this ride 22.4 miles total, 24.0 max speed, 10.4 mph average speed and 2 hours and 9 minutes time moving on bikes.    
David Lindquist 

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