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May 18, 2007
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Friday May 18, 2007 was a beautiful spring day so I took the afternoon off from work as a half day vacation.  Diane and I wanted to go to lunch and I felt like doing a walk and Diane was too busy to walk this afternoon, so I called Bob to see if he wanted to join us for lunch at the Sage Brush Cantina in Lake Orion.  Plan was Diane would drive us and stay and have lunch with us and then she would drive home and Bob and I would walk home.  Bob thought this was a good idea, so we swung by and picked him up on the way. 

The weather was perfect, sunny with the temperature in the mid 60s, what more could you ask for weather wise.  I ordered a chicken super burrito knowing I would only eat a small portion at this sitting.  Diane also ordered something that she only ate half, so she also had leftovers.  For some reason Bob and the waitress had trouble communicating, the waitress also had a bit of an attitude which didnít help matters.  Bob ordered a vegetarian meal and tried to get it with certain vegetables.  When Bobís meal came it wasnít how he ordered it and the communication problem between Bob and the waitress continued.  Bob finally just gave up and ate what he was given, never really getting what he wanted.  My meal was great and Diane took my leftovers home for three more meals later that weekend.  

It was nice hanging out with Diane for lunch, a lot of times when I take a day off Diane seems to have plans playing tennis or having lunch with other friends.  It almost seems too ironic how she always seems busy when I am home.  Lucky I am not a paranoid person otherwise I might think Diane tries to avoid me on my days off.  

After Diane left Bob and I headed out for our long walk home.  After walking through downtown Lake Orion we walked the short distance down Lapeer Road to the Paint Creek Trail (PCT).  We hopped on the trail and walked along heading south.  We stopped at the small pond on the east side of the trail to look in the water.  The pond water was extremely clear, we could see all the fish swimming in the pond.  We even saw a few decent size large fish, some approaching a foot long and a couple even in the 14 to 16 inch range.  I never expect to see fish so big in this little shallow pond.  As we started to walk the trail again we saw movement in the weeds right next to the water.  It was a black snake about 3 Ĺ to four feet long.  It kind of had a very muted yellow pattern on its skin, but primarily black, you had to look very closely to see the muted yellow pattern.  We followed the snake for a couple minutes until it finally slithered into some weeks taking it out of our sight. 

We got off the trail at the Clarkston Road crossing.  We got on Kern Road at this point which is a dirt road without to much car traffic.  We stayed on Kern all the way to Gunn Road where we turned east.  At this point the paved bike paths start again and we walked on the path all the way to Adams Road.  Delta Kelly elementary school is located on the northwest corner of Adams and Gunn.  School must have been in session as we passed by, but I donít recall seeing kids out on the playgrounds.  Maybe lunches and recesses were all over for the day by the time we passed by. 

Once we got to Adams we just walked straight south down Adams to home.  I went on the website to see how far we went on this walk, it turned out to be 7.6 miles total.  Again, a really nice day for a very enjoyable walk.
David Lindquist 

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