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March 9, 2007
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Friday March 9, 2007 Bob called me on my cell phone around 3:00 in the afternoon to see if I could get off work a little early to join him in a run/walk out at Stoney Creek Metro Park.  I was in a meeting when Bob called so I couldnít answer the phone at the time.  I had a second meeting that didnít end until around 4:45 pm.  I figured I was too late assuming Bob had already finished and was heading home by now.  I took a chance and called him to see where he was.  He was still at the park and was just part way done. 

I told Bob I could wrap up and meet him by 5:00 pm.  Luckily I work very close to Stoney Creek and I keep a change of clothes in my car for just this type of last minute activity.  I headed out of work straight for the Eastpoint Beach parking lot which was the area inside the park we agreed to meet.  Bob timed it so that he got to the area the same time I pulled in with my car.  Bob was about half way around the lake and our plan was to leave my car there and finish the loop back to where Bob parked.  Then Bob would drive me to my car and then we would both drive our own vehicles home. 

I put on a pair of wind pants and an extra couple of layers up top along with a hat and I was ready to go.  It was cool but not bitterly cold.  We had a nice time while doing the final 3 miles at a nice brisk walking pace.  There werenít many people out at that time of day on a late Friday afternoon.  It felt like we had the place to ourselves. 

I almost forgot to mention why Bob was still out at the park this late in the day when he had called and left the message much earlier.  When Bob got to the parking lot in the park and shut off his van he paused for a minute to rest his eyes before heading out for his run/walk.  Well, it turns out when he opened his eyes a little more than an hour had passed by.  Bob ended up taking an unplanned cat nap.  So, due to the cat nap when I called he was only half way done.  

The sun was starting to get low in the sky making for a beautiful reflection off the lake surface.  The wind was kicking up like it typically does out at the park.  I was comfortable, I had just the right amount and type of layers to stay warm during this activity.  This was a really pretty and peaceful time of day to be out walking around the lake this time of year. 

It was also a nice way to start out the weekend.  By being out at the park before dinner on a Friday it almost felt like I was getting an extra day this weekend.  By the time I had gotten home that evening I had forgotten everything that happened at work and the only thing fresh in my mind was the time out at Stoney Creek.  When the weather gets a little nicer I plan to spend most of my lunch hours during the work week out walking the trail at Stoney.  I work so close it is about a ľ mile from the door at work until I am on the paved trail within the park. 

Following are the statistics from this hike, I figure Bob did the whole 6.2 miles and I did approximately 3.0 miles.  Not bad for a last minute after work activity.     
David Lindquist 

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