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December 24, 2006
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Sunday December 24, 2006 was Christmas Eve day and Pete and I were looking to get outside for some exercise.  You will never guess what we decided to do, yep you got it, a bike ride.  We have talked and planned for when the bad weather comes and bike riding is just too difficult to be fun.  Our solution is to go on hikes or snow shoe walks.  So far this winter we havenít had to resort to our backup plan.   

Our plan for this day was a simple ride to one of our favorite lunch spots, the Hamlin Pub.  We figured if we waited to leave around 11:30 am we would end up at the pub in time to watch some of the Detroit Lions football game on the many TVs at the pub.  Even though the Lions stink and there doesnít appear to be any hope in the near future, they are still my team and I enjoy watching their games.   

I changed jobs recently within my company.  I used to be in product engineering for automotive suspension components, specifically ball joints.  I have transferred to a different division within the same company, so I maintained my seniority and benefits, which is nice.  I am now a program manager working in the occupant safety systems group, specifically seat belts.  This is a major change for me, not only am I switching type of products but I am also switching the type of job.  It has been a little over a month at the time of the Holiday break.  I can tell it is going to be a lot of long hours and stressful days trying to get up to speed.  I know in the long run this move was the right thing to do, but having to go through this initial period is going to be difficult.   

The reason I brought up my job is because I wanted to mention that the small group of guys I used to work with were also Lions fans and we used to have some good conversations about the team.  The good thing about my old group is that they moved to the same location as I transferred a few weeks after I moved.  They are located in another building as me separated by a parking lot, so it is easy to visit and with email easy to stay in contact.  I told my old group two years ago the Bears were the team to watch out for because they were building a team the proper way, through good solid defense.  They laughed at me back then, but when the Bears won the central division I got a chance to point out how I was right.  Before this past year started I told them the bears werenít a fluke and I predicted they would not only win the division again, but would probably end up in the super bowl.  Needless to say I got laughed at again.  Only time will tell, but once I am right again maybe I will start to get some respect. 

Anyhow, the Lions were playing the Bears this day and Pete and I got to the pub sooner than we planned.  We forget how quickly we can get places on our bikes.  After I rode over and picked up Pete at his house it only took us about 45 or 50 minutes to get to the pub.  We had time to relax and order our diet cokes and place our lunch order while we waited for the game to start. 

While we were waiting, Mike the manager of the pub stopped by our table and sat down for a couple minutes to tease Pete about still not buying a large screen TV.  This happens every time we go to the pub.  Mike doesnít even bother to ask Pete anymore if he got one yet.  He is so used to Pete telling him he is still shopping that he automatically starts in on Pete shortly after we sit down.  Today was no exception. 

Our meals came and game finally started.  As usual on both fronts, the food was great and the Lions were terrible.  We got a good laugh out of the Lions blunders as the game progressed.  The Bears actually didnít play all that well, and against any other team they should have been beaten this day, but not my Lions they played just bad enough to allow the Bears to win.  It was a nice gift wrapped Christmas present the Lions gave the Bears.  

After we finished our lunch and spent some more time sitting around watching the whole first half of the game, it was time for the ride home.  It was cool outside, in the low to mid 30s, but not what I would consider cold.  We put our layers back on for the uphill ride home.  It was a very enjoyable ride on the way home. 

We stopped at a store, I canít remember which one, but I do know that Pete bought some Christmas wrapping paper.  On the way home Pete was trying to figure out a way to carry the wrapping paper on his bike.  He finally came up with the idea to stick the roll of paper in the back of his winter jacket he was wearing.  I thought he was joking and just trying to get me to take a picture of him with the roll of paper sticking part way out from the back of his coat.  I did take a couple pictures, but Pete wasnít joking.  He rode the entire rest of the way home this way.  It looked uncomfortable, but it must not have been too bad because Pete kept it there.  Pete made it all the way without a flat tire, so this was a successful ride.   

Following are the statistics from this ride, 15.6 miles total, 21.0 max, 1 hour and 26 minutes of ride time with an average speed of 10.8 mph.
David Lindquist 

Pete putting wrapping paper down his back

Starting to ride

Pete rode home this way
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