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September 17, 2006
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Sunday September 17, 2006 Pete and I decided to get our day started right with an early morning breakfast ride.  It was a cool clear morning with a slight wind in the air.  Still a very nice day for a bike ride.  I put on a light jacket with a thin pair of gloves, which I would be able to stow away in my burrito basket after the sun warms up the air.

I rode over to meet Pete at his house.  There wasn't much traffic on the roads this Sunday morning.  I arrived at Pete's around 7:30 am our designated start time.  It only Pete a couple minutes to get ready and after a short rest I was back out riding again, this time with Pete along.  We took our regular route directly to the Greek Island.  It doesn't take us long to ride the short four plus miles to the Greek Island, and by the time we got there it wasn't open yet.  Even though it would be open in ten minutes we decided to keep riding instead of waiting around.

We ended up riding toward the business district of Rochester.  Pete needed some air in his tires so we stopped at a gas station while Pete filled his tires.  After a little more riding we were both hungry and we headed back to the Greek Island.  This time they were open and we went inside and took a booth and ordered breakfast.  We had our regular which is the breakfast special.  Pete ordered his eggs under easy which has also become sort of a tradition.  The waitresses are even getting used to Pete and a few of them don't even blink when he orders under easy.

After breakfast we got on our bikes and we were headed for home as we approached an older gentleman walking toward the shopping center we had just a few seconds earlier left behind.  I noticed this man was wearing a Tiger Woods baseball cap and he also had on a Chicago Bears sweatshirt.  Our pathetic Detroit Lions were scheduled to play against the Bears this day, and this guy wasn't hiding the fact that he was Bears fan.  As Pete approached this guy he obviously must have noticed the Bears sweatshirt and Pete yelled out Go Lions.  Well, this got this guy going and he started yelling in good spirit back at Pete how the Bears were going to win.  We stopped to talk with this guy for a couple minutes.  He asked us if we had heard about the city of Toledo possibly getting a professional football team.  This is a very old joke and one that you hear quite often being a Lion fan, but we played along and let this guy finish his story.  We said no we hadn't heard about Toledo getting a professional football team.  This guy got a big smile on his face as he unleashed his punch line.  He said the league wasn't going to allow Toledo to get a professional team because then the city of Detroit would want one too.  We all laughed at this joke and he gave us a couple more quick one liners about the Lions and Bears before we parted company.

We said farewell to the Bears fan and continued our ride.  It was going to be a relatively short ride this day.  Something must have been going on and one or both of us must have needed to get home early for other plans.  We took our regular route through the neighborhoods back toward home.

Following are the statistics from the ride, 12.6 miles total, 21.0 max mph, 1 hour and 13 minutes time on bikes and 10.2 average mph.
David Lindquist 

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