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April 15, 2006
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Saturday April 15, 2006 we did a short breakfast ride in the morning.  Pete and Bob joined me on this ride.  I rode over to Bob's house and we left from there to meet Pete at his house.

For some reason we couldn't do a long ride today, I think everyone had something going on that required us to be home relatively early this day.  When we do short rides like we did today it almost seems like we barely even rode.  The total distance for today's ride was only 8.3 miles which I keep calling short.  When I think back about when we first started riding it seemed any ride over 5 miles was impressive.  Now a short 8.3 mile ride seems like nothing, I guess everything is relative.  I feel lucky to have found this activity at this point in my life.  My favorite rides are the ones right around 25 miles, plus or minus a few.  It seems to me rides of this intermediate length are the most enjoyable.  It usually means we have traveled somewhere a little distance from home and we have spent a reasonable amount of time on our bikes.  Once I get over 25 miles I usually can tell by my body starting to get a little sore.  A quick rest off the bike and I am ready to continue riding.     

We went to the Greek Island for breakfast.  We have a regular route we take to this restaurant.  We go through subdivision streets to stay off the main roads.  It is always much more quiet when you get off the main roads.  Usually on these morning rides there is less traffic and the riding is just less stressful.  We pulled into the shopping center where Greek Island is located around 9:00 am.  We don't lock our bikes at this restaurant because we sit in a booth right next to the window and we look straight out at our bikes.  We usually take our time eating breakfast.  This is our time to talk about everything and lately we spend at least a few minutes talking about the status of Pete's TV shopping.  We also joke around and laugh a lot while sitting in the booth.  None of the three of us drink coffee and that always confuses the particular waitress serving us.  I think we may be the only regular customers that not only never drink coffee but also order diet cokes with our breakfast.  After a usual reasonably priced breakfast including our traditional diet cokes, we were ready to get back on our bikes for the ride home.

Again, we took our regular route home.  The ride home was rather uneventful, just a nice easy medium paced ride.    

Following are the statistics from this ride, 8.3 total miles, 20.0 max mph, 47 minutes time moving on bikes and 10.5 average mph.
David Lindquist 

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