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April 14, 2006
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Friday April 14, 2006 was a holiday (Good Friday) from work, so Pete and I both had the day off.  It was only Pete and I on this ride.  I think Steve was on his way to Florida with his family and Bob had something going on as well that prevented him from joining us. 

Pete had been planning how to mount his new air horn to his bike.  Pete has so many items on his handle bars it is difficult to position everything.  We finally figured out a way to get the horn on using plastic tie straps similar to how I mounted the air horn to my bike.  When Pete was first planning the install of the horn he was pulling at the wires on his speedometer and he pulled the wires apart.  This has been an ongoing problem for Pete for quite a while now.  I couldn't believe he was actually tugging at the wires after al the trouble he had to get them working again after the initial time he broke the wire.  This wire is small and delicate.  It took a while but Pete eventually did get the wire fixed and now he just broke it again.  I couldn't help but laugh when I saw what he had done.  The look on his face expressed how he felt, mad at himself for doing something so stupid.  I quickly took out my phone and too a couple pictures right after Pete broke the wire.  See the end of this story for the pictures of Pete's broke speedometer wire.  In one of the pictures you get a nice view of the special club ID bracelet Tom had made in Mexico.

For a change of pace Pete and I took a different route from one of our regular routes.  The only problem is I can't remember the route so I can't share any detail.  I do remember it was different and I also remember commenting to Pete during the ride that it was interesting riding in an area that we typically don't ride.  My sense of direction is not very good, matter of fact it is horrible, almost non-existent.  I'm sure I have mentioned this fact before, I don't even try to pretend I have a sense of direction, I admit my problem and even joke about it.  One of the nice things about this problem is almost all my bike rides are an adventure.  Once I have ridden the same area or route a few dozen times I start to remember, but it really does take quite a few trips before it starts to sink in. 

We started this ride a little before lunch time and we decided to head to Hamlin Pub for lunch.  I know I have said this many times, but it is worth repeating, you just can't go wrong with Hamlin Pub.  All the meals are good and the service is always fantastic.  Since we are regulars at the Pub they treat us well.  We had a nice lunch and spent a few minutes watching some of their many flat screen TVs located through out the place. 

After lunch we got back on our bikes and rode pretty much straight home.  Nothing special happened on the way home.  Now that Pete has his air horn mounted to his bike he has been using it at opportune moments and surprisingly enough he hasn't used it a few times when he had the chance to startle someone.  He keeps threatening to use it on the trail the next time we come across a horse rider.  I keep telling Pete that using his air horn around a horse is not a good idea, I hope he is just joking.  A lot of time the horse riders turn out to be mounted police and you can't tell right away a mounted police from a casual horse rider.  It would make for a good story if Pete got arrested for blowing his air horn at a mounted police.  I would probably have to get his bike out after it was impounded and I would assume Elaine would get Pete bailed out.  I think I would ask Pete to stay in jail just one night so we would have some additional material for an interesting story. 

We haven't gone north on paint creek trail (PCT) for a long time, I think it is time to plan a ride to Lake Orion on the trail.  There is an event planned for June 3, 2006 near the old Paint Creek Cider Mill.  See the following excerpt of an email I received from  Kristen Myers, Trailways Coordinator, Paint Creek Trailways Commission for information on the event and also some general information about the trail.

New Picnic Sites and Observation Deck
Work is finally complete on our Paint Creek Trail Enhancement Project.  We now have a small picnic site located next to the Tienken Road parking lot that includes a recycled plastic picnic table, trash receptacle, and a "bike bench".  This new bench has a bike rack attached on the back that will hold 4 bicycles.  Enjoy!
Also, our larger picnic site near Gallagher Road is complete, with two recycled plastic tables, trash receptacle, bike bench, and a drinking fountain!  Flagstar Bank donated the use of a water line to the trail, and we were able to install an aggregate style fountain for your use.  I'm sure you would agree this is a welcome addition, and it is close to the half way point of the Trail.
Our largest project was an Observation Deck/Erosion control project in Orion Township, north of the Clarkston/Kern intersection at Foley Pond.  This had been a maintenance concern for many years, as the trail was eroding into the Pond.  It is now a great place to stop, rest and reflect while on your Trail journey.  Our thanks to the many Trail volunteers that helped us assemble the deck last summer and fall!
Lastly, our first Trail vault toilet/restroom is open just south of Clarkston/Kern Roads.  We unfortunately have already been the victims of vandalism (graffiti), but we are hopeful that it will not continue.  The restroom was open weekends only through most of the winter, but is open now 24/7.  We hope it is a welcome addition, and if you notice any issues that need addressing, please contact me as soon as possible. 
The Trailways Commission will again be participating in Heritage Festival at Rochester Municipal Park on May 27 and 28 (Memorial Day Weekend).  We had a fantastic show of volunteers last year, and again are putting the call out for help manning our Trail tent.  Brochure handouts, hat and bell sales, and general Q & A are the tasks again this year.  We are looking for help in 2 or 3 hour shifts.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to volunteer your time this year.
National Trails Day - June 3, 2006
This year's celebration will be the biggest and best!  We will be holding our NTD celebration at the Paint Creek Cider Mill Restaurant site at the corner of Gallagher and Orion Roads again this year.  Our event runs from 10:30-3:30 and includes:  Free inflatable bouncer and rock climbing wall for kids; free kids T-shirt painting and stenciling; Free lunch furnished by Senator Michael Bishop; drawings/givewaways; organized hikes by Hiking Michigan; Boy scout activities, and free handouts from local and state parks.  We are hoping to announce that the Paint Creek Trail has been designated a National Recreation Trail by the Department of the Interior, and we will be honoring several people and organizations for their contributions to the Paint Creek Trail.  Please join us for a great day of activities and celebration!  If you would like to volunteer for set up/ tear down and tent "manning", please let me know as soon as possible.

I think the event on June 3 sounds fun, I am planning to ride to this event, so any one that wants to join me is welcome.  Tom and Barry, this would be a good day to come out for a ride.

I guess I got a little off track, but I was pretty much done with the story from this ride anyhow.  Following are the statistics from this ride, 17.0 total miles, 22.5 max mph, 1 hour and 32 minutes time moving on bikes and an even 11.0 average mph, another decent paced ride.
David Lindquist 

Broken wire on Pete's bike

Another of broken wire
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