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April 9, 2006
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Sunday April 9, 2006 turned out to be a nice day, so Bob and I decided at the last minute to do a bike ride.  Something was going on with Pete, and I knew he wouldnít be able to ride, so I didnít bother giving him a call this day.  It would just be the two of us doing a fairly short ride just to get out and stretch our legs. 

One of the problems of waiting so long before documenting a ride story is that I forget a lot of what happened, which is the case on this ride.  I know Bob and I rode later in the day and I canít even remember if there was a meal involved or not. 

We rode out to Bloomer Park and went into the park for a short trail ride.  We came across the long wooden stairs and we carried our bike up the stairs just because they were there.  I thought about running up the stairs with my bike, but then I came to my senses and walking the bike up the stairs was a plenty good workout for me. 

Shortly after entering Bloomer we were headed out back toward downtown Rochester.  We came across a trail which I had never seen before.  I figured Bob had come across this trail with all the running he has done in the area the past many years.  This trail was new to Bob as well.  We figured we might as well take this trail, this is how we learn, by exploring.  It ended up being a nice trail that appeared to be heading us back into Bloomer, so we diverted off through an empty lot onto Diverson Road.  From here we started heading back west through some subdivisions. 

We ended up riding back home at a nice leisurely pace. 

Following are the statistics from this ride, 16.1 miles total, 19.7 max mph, 1 hour and 35 min time on bikes and 10.0 average mph.
David Lindquist 

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