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March 19, 2006
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Sunday March 19, 2006 was a cold and windy day, but still nice enough for a bike ride.  The sun was out taking some of the bite out of the air as we rode.  Both Bob and Pete joined me on this ride.  We started out relatively early by riding straight to the Greek Island for breakfast.  Pete hadn’t eaten yet so he was “starv’in”.   

I can’t sleep in on the weekends so I had already eaten breakfast a couple hours earlier, but I still got an English muffin with my diet coke to have something to munch on while Pete ate his breakfast special.  Bob asked the waitress if they had hard boiled eggs.  At first she didn’t understand what Bob said.  She looked funny at him and said, “What?”  Bob repeated himself a little slower this time and he tried to speak very clearly.  This time she looked at him and said, “Do you mean poached?”  Bob told her he didn’t want poached eggs he wanted a hard boiled egg.  She still didn’t understand what Bob was talking about.  She told us she was going to go ask the cook if he knew about hard boiled eggs.  Well, unlike when Pete ordered Rocky style eggs and the waitress went and asked the cook and the cook knew Rocky style was raw, this time apparently the cook didn’t know what a hard boiled egg was, assuming the waitress ask him correctly.  When she returned she said, “The cook wants to know if you mean poached?”  At this point Bob was getting a little frustrated, he took a few seconds to take in a couple deep breaths and came up with what he thought would be a cleaver way to find out if they had hard boiled eggs.  He asked her if they made egg salad sandwiches.  Bob’s thinking was if her could get her to admit they made egg salad sandwiches then he could ask her where they got the egg for the egg salad from.  Pete and I were both trying hard not laugh.  Right after Bob asked his egg salad question the waitress got rid of her confused look and looked at him and said, “Oh, you want an egg salad sandwich.”  Bob finally realized he was fighting a losing battle.  Bob told her no he didn’t want anything.   After the waitress walked a way both Pete and I could no longer hold back our laughter.   

After our breakfast the three of us got back on our bikes and headed toward downtown Rochester.  We decided to turn down a side street we had never taken before.  It is always interesting to try new routes, it is the only way to discover new areas.  Sometimes we have to turn back if we run into a dead end, but usually we find a way through.  Today was no exception.  We came to an area where we appeared to hit a dead end.  Pete wasn’t ready to turn back, he rode up to a thick brush area where he promptly picked up his bike over his head and carried it through the heavy brush.  Bob and I did the same thing and followed behind.  Luckily we didn’t have to carry our bikes too far, they get heavy quite fast when you are carrying them straight over your head.  Once we got through the brush we came to another un-groomed area.  This time we were able to walk our bikes through and we came onto the Clinton River Trail.  We started riding again once on the trail. 

Pete was looking for a book so we made a quick stop at Borders.  We also rode through the Toyoda dealer on Rochester Road to check out the cars. 

Bob was talking about his computer and I can’t remember how we got on the subject, but we started talking about wireless optical mice.  Bob thought this was a good idea and we stopped at Staples and did some shopping.  Bob found his mouse and even ended up getting a package deal with a mouse and keyboard.  On our way out Pete found a good deal on car window snow scrapers that were on sale, so he both three of them.  These weren’t small scrapers, they were big and sturdy of fairly long length.  I was curious to see how Pete planned to carry these home.  We came up with the idea of taping them together, that way they wouldn’t be flopping around and be relatively easy to balance on handlebars while riding.  I had a role of electrical tape in my burrito basket that did the trick.  I took a couple pictures with my phone and I will post them at the bottom of this page. 

On the way home we made one more stop at Summit Sports, again Pete was looking for something.  I waited outside while Pete quickly did his shopping.  I don’t think he purchased anything at this stop. 

After this last stop we headed straight home along our regular route. 

Following are the statistics from this ride, 16.8 miles total, 20.0 max mph, 1 hr 46 minutes time on bikes and 9.4 average mph.
David Lindquist 

Pete checking out the snow scrapers

Bob gathering up his purchase

Pete picking up out his scrapers
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