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March 11, 2006
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Saturday March 11, 2006 was a perfect day for a bike ride.

Me, Pete and Bob started out relatively early.  Our first stop was the Greek Island for breakfast.  I had already eaten before I left my house and Bob only ordered juice, Pete was the only one to order a full breakfast.  Pete noticed on the menu that the eggs are called out as extra large.  He asked me to take a picture of this area of the menu as proof to Tom that the raw eggs he ate were extra large.  So, at the bottom of this page is the picture of the menu along with the other pictures I took with my phone on this day.

Bob brought a library book with him that needed to be returned.  This gave us a purpose and a destination for our ride.  When Pete saw the book strapped to the top of his burrito basket and he heard Bob was planning a return to the library he decided to grab one of the books from a bag he was planning to donate.  Pete thought he would be the first bike club member to return a non-library book to the library.  He figured it would be funny for the librarians when a book shows up in the drive up return that isn't a library owned book.

Our ride to the library was fairly direct without much of interest to report.

After our visit to the library we decided to take the Clinton River Trail (CRT) to the Macomb Orchard Trail (MOT).  We haven't ridden much lately.  With the couple weeks I took off because of my back and the shortened ride the week before due to the long lunch caused by Tom, we just haven't ridden much lately.  I don't think any of us planned for a long ride this day, but a long ride is what we ended up doing.

Parts of the CRT were still quite soggy, actually too soggy for us to be riding.  It was a hard work out pedaling for a couple miles.  We were glad to get to the end of the CRT where the MOT starts.  The MOT is back top paved, the riding is a whole lot easier.  Bob mentioned there is a small bar right on Van Dyke near the end of the MOT.  We thought maybe we would stop to check out this place on our way to the end of the trail.  When we got there the place wasn't open yet so we kept riding to the end of the trail.  On our way back we stopped again, and this time we had to wait just a couple minutes before they unlocked the door.  We were the first customers.  I can't remember the name of the place, but it was very nice and I would go back again.  We ordered diet coke and a basket of fries.  While we were relaxing in the bar Pete called Jason on his cell phone and in a few minutes Jason rode his new road bike and met us at the bar.  Jason lives just a short distance away.

After a short break we finished our drinks and were back on our way.  Jason wanted us to follow him to his house so he could drop off his new beautiful rode bike and pick up his also some what new mountain bike before continuing to ride with us.  We rode straight to Jason's house where he switched bikes.  After leaving Jason's we rode to the exit of his subdivision.  I thought Jason was going to continue to ride with us, but instead he turned around and headed home.  So, it was just the three of us again as we continued our journey back home.

We took a different route toward home.  We cut through Stoney Creek and pasted Stoney Creek Roadhouse along the way.  We came out on 25 Mile Road and took it west for quite a ways.  We ended up heading north and for the final few miles we took Tienken west.  The hills heading west on Tienken made this ride a real workout. 

Following are the statistics from this one way bike ride; 30.03 miles, 25.5 max mph, 9.9 avg mph and 3 hr 2 minutes on bikes.
David Lindquist 

Menu at Greek Island,
notice extra large eggs

Pete and Bob at Library

Bob returning his book

Bob leaving drive through

Pete returning his non-library book
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