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February 12, 2006
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It was another nice Sunday morning and we had a couple inches of snow on the ground still left over from the previous weekend.  There probably wasn't enough snow to warrant using our snowshoes, but winter is almost over so we decided this might be our last chance to use them.

Joining me on this snowshoe hike was Pete and Steve.  Bob also came along and he just jogged along the cart paths while the three of us hiked in our snowshoes out on the golf course at Oakland University.

This was Steve's first experience using his snowshoes.  Pete and I were basically experts based on the fact we had used them once before.  Steve is a quick learner and it only took him a couple minutes to join us at an expert level.  Steve enjoyed his snowshoes and all three of us agreed more snow this day might have made it even better.

Steve brought his camera, so needles to say we will have many pictures documenting this hike.  I will create a separate page with all of Steve's pictures once he makes them available.

Overall the hike was fun.  We ran across a cross country skier and spent a few minutes talking to him.  We also had a couple discussions amongst ourselves about the snowshoes and the proper way to wear them related to right and left.  I went back and read the instructions that came with the snowshoes.  It said the way to tell right from left was to have the buckles on the outside.  In the future I will have to pay attention and put them on the correct feet.  I don't think it really makes much difference , but I might as well do it correct.

After our hike we decided to go to our favorite place, Hamlin Pub for lunch.  Bob finished his run before we finished our snowshoe hike and we just met him at a planned time at the Hamlin Pub.

We all ordered lunch and as usual all the food was high quality.  Pete was extra thirsty this day and he was downing his diet cokes at a rapid pace.  The club record for pops at one lunch for an individual is 8.  Bob set this record on the park to park ride while at Shamrock Pub in Utica.  Pete always brings up the fact that the glasses were on the small side when Bob set the record.  I have to agree the glasses were smaller, but just like the size of the egg issue unless a standard is set related to the size the record stands.  We estimate the glasses of pop at the Hamlin Pub are about 20 oz in size so if you take into account the ice you get about 16 oz of fluid in each cup.  After 4 cups of pop Pete was thinking about going for the record.  I think Pete might have had a chance until his meal came and the addition of food was just too filling.  Pete stopped at a total of 6 full pops which adds up to 96 oz of diet coke.  We were joking with Pete on the way home, telling him he had consumed one and a half gallons of pop or in metric terms 2.8 liters, which is about one and a half 2 liter bottles of pop.  However you look at it this is a lot of pop at one sitting.

After lunch we headed back home.  I think Pete made it all the way home without a rest stop.  Luckily we hadn't ridden our bikes to the pub otherwise it may have been a struggle for Pete with his 96 oz of pop.  
David Lindquist 

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