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January 22, 2006
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We did a bike ride on Sunday January 22, 2006, but I am writing this story a month later so I am afraid I can't remember much about the ride.  I do remember that Bob and Pete joined me for this short ride.  I think it might have been a bit on the rainy side so we ended up cutting the ride short.

We started out around 10:30 am.  Bob hadn't ridden in a while and Pete was interested in doing ride so we got together this Sunday morning for a relaxing ride.  Pete has been considering buying a new larger screen TV for his family room and Bob has done a fair amount of research in this area.  So, Bob and Pete did a lot of talking about the different types of TVs and cable signals available.  Pete likes to watch hockey on TV and he wants his new TV to maximize his hockey watching experience.  I think he has ruled out both LCD and plasma TVs due to their expense and performance broadcasting fast paced action like hockey.  Pete is leaning toward a rear projection TV, now he just has to decide which brand.

We headed south toward Rochester.  We hadn't talked about where to stop for lunch when we got to the Tubbies in the shopping center on Walton near Livernois.  Growing up in Royal Oak Pete and I used to eat occasionally at Tubbies and we all agreed to give this one in Rochester a try.  Pete and I both ordered a steak and cheese sub while Bob had something meatless since he his currently a vegetarian again.    It turns out the steak and cheese subs were not a good idea.  Both Pete and I ended up getting sick, Pete much worse than me.  I think we might have gotten food poisoning, needless to say to will be a long time and maybe never again will we visit a Tubbies.

While we were eating our lunch Bob's next door neighbor Paul came in to order a carry out.  We talked to Paul for a few minutes while he waited for his order.  He was surprised to see that we were still regularly riding our bikes.  I don't think Paul has ever ridden with us but we did play softball with him a few years ago when Bob organized a team.

For some reason we took our time eating lunch, I think we may have spent as much time inside Tubbies as we did on the whole ride.  I guess we were in the mood to talk.  After lunch we headed straight back home.  I can't remember but I think someone had something planned and needed to make this a quick ride.

Following are the statistics from this ride, 9.2  miles, 17.8 max mph, 9.6 average mph and 57 minutes of time on bike.
David Lindquist 

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