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Steve  'Scotty Bowman' 

Nickname Scotty Bowman
Bike Hockey bike, a CCM

Steve has turned out to be a regular member of the club and joins us on most of the weekend rides.  Steve lives very close to Pete and they make up our members from the east side.  In addition to bicycling Steve also plays hockey and he has taken leadership roles on his hockey team, hence the nickname "Scotty Bowman."  Steve must like cities named Rochester, he is from Rochester New York and now he lives in Rochester Hills Michigan.  Steve works for Dupont and rumor is he even has a Dupont tattoo on one of his ankles. 


Here is a picture of Steve's bike in his very organized garage.  With all those extension cords he is either getting ready to put up Christmas lights or planning to steal power from neighbors during a recent power outage.
Pete has gotten Steve into the hobby of pinball machines.  On the right he is trying to figure out how to put one of his games back together after trying to make a repair.  Not sure if the game ever did get re-assembled.
Remember that famous picture of Scotty Bowman and Marc Crawford between Detroit and Colorado, look closely it was actually our Steve. 
Steve really fits in well the other club members.  Here he is partaking in one of our favorite side stops, ice-cream.  Notice the kid in the lower right corner, right after this picture was taken Steve sneezed with a mouth full of ice-cream and just covered the kid.
Steve is one of the dedicated club members, even the snow doesn't prevent him from riding with us.
Steve was debating whether he should take his truck out for a ride or join the PCT bicycle club for a ride.  Steve made the right decision and joined the bikers.
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