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"Pet of the Month"

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Following are the pictures of previous "Pet of the Month".  All your favorite pets are stored here in one place.  Contact David if you have an animal you would like to nominate for Pet of the Month. 

Pet of the Month "Rock Star" & "Groupie"

Pet of the Month "Cosmo"

Animal found under Tom's porch after moving in

Close up of Tom's animal

Pet of the Month "Polly"

Pet of the month "Gizmo"

Pet of the month Lollypop

Pet of the month "Ace"

Pet of the month Thomas

Return of Cosmo as pet of the month

Pet of the month "Sergei"

Pet of the month "Clark Screech Owl"

Pet of the month "Clark lizard family"

Pet of the month "Daddy lizard"

Pet of the month "Hank"

Pet of the month, Gator we saw on the side of road while driving across Florida

Pet of the Month, baby raccoons caught in our fireplace, click here for all the critter pictures

Deer in David's backyard on July 27, 2005

Sep 2005, Homer the homing pigeon, see more pics.

Sep 2005, "Roxie" the cat

Diane' new puppy Jan 24, 2006

Puppy has a name, Bentley
Feb 4, 2006

Jefferson, March 2006

Tigger, July 2006

Bentley with mohawk Jan 2007

Rick's kitty Jan 2007

Bearded Dragon Aunt Carol Nov 25, 2007

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