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Gallery of Favorite Pictures
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Following are your favorite pictures previously featured on the home page.  You can click on most of the small pictures to see a larger version of the same picture.  Hope these bring back good memories.

Slurpee Man winning

Slurpee Man beating Pete

Slurpee Man with Trophy

Slurpee Man wins again

Show of hands for Red Coat Tavern lunch

Jean & Bud before one of their cross country trips

Slurpee Man on lowrider

Core group bobble heads

Pete and friend Cecil

Neon Steve

Pete catching a fish

Gear head Pete

Pete with other biker friends enjoying a drink

Plumber Tom cleaning out Cheerios

Slurppie Man

Steve curling

Slurpee Man with big Pete and little Pete

Fireman Bud on wooden bike

Bud on his new three wheeler

Chrissy doing survey on PCT

2004 Halloween pumpkin contest winner

Pumpkin lit up

First Tom bobble head

Second Tom bobble head

Pete with JarJar Binks helmet

Grandchild of the month

Bikers can curl as well

Meal of the month chili on white rice

Curler of the month Barry

David & Tom on hike at Oakland

Pete hiking at Bloomer

Bud on snow bike

Genius Du-rag Pete

Bob trying out a kayak

David wearing new PCT Bike Club hat

Water color "Bubble Room" by renown artist Jan Clark

David working moving some dirt with earth mover

Biker carved out of a watermelon

Teenager of the month Megan

Barry , Glen and Ellen walking on Paint Creek Trail in June 2005

Yao's new bike

Teenager of the month

Al from California we met on Sep 17, 2005

David creating a palm tree,
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Club member of the week, Barry

Unique advertising, Oct. 16, 2005

Club member of the month, David (Nov. 2005)

Tom trying to drink eggs on Nov.13, 2005 ride

New member Cheryl on Nov.19, 2005 ride

Club member of the month, Steve (Dec 2005)

Tom's new haircut Dec 2005

Club member of the month, Pete (Jan 2006)

Club member of the month,
Bob (Feb 2006)

Nephew of the month,
Andy (April 2006)

New member Jonathan (April 13, 2006)

Pete's new horn mount
April 2006

Vampire of the month, June 2006, a young Tom

David & Pete after Tour de Cure June 2006

Melissa & Grandma June 2006

Club member of the month  Paul (June 2006)

Pete in Germany at World Cup June 2006

Pete after finishing Tour de Cure June 2006

Barry, Pete & Gary during July 2, 2006 ride

Barry out on his scooter (July 2006)

Mark is back in town (July 2006)

Gary riding with us on July 7, 2006

Bob chasing swans in his kayak July 2006

Biker tan of the month (August 2006)

Gary resting during 100 mile ride on Sep 1, 2006

Bike bathroom contest winner

Max winner of 2006 best costume contest

Original bike club members, the founding fathers.  Number one fan Bud on the right and his brother Richard @1940

Pete looking good, Oct 2006

Max getting a haircut, Nov 2006

Pete using "Goof Tooth"
Nov 2006

Pinball used in seat belt
Feb 2007

Golf shoes with bike shadow (Dec 2006)

Urinal of the month (Jan 2007) in Rick's basement

Goofball of the month, Mar 2007

Violin biker riding backwards, posted Mar 2007

This bike Pete found in downtown Heidelberg has seen better days. Mar 2007

50th Wedding Anniversary of the month May 25, 2007

Jean on her 1st bike in 1929, posted June 2007

Biker mailbox July 2007

Mayor Barnett July 2007

Max in a cool corvette June 10, 2007

Melissa's winning pumpkin from 2007 bike club contest

RD's runner up 2007

Club member of the month, Thomas (June 2008)

Club Member of the month,
Elaine (Aug 2008)

Club member of the month,
Rick (Sep 2008)

Chicken we saw crossing the road during ride
(Sep 28,2008)

New Chinese club members  Ricky Zhang &  Wu Peiming
joined May 2009

New member Bernardo, joined May 2009

Steve with his new Cap for Caps,
Sep 2010

RC with his new Cap for Caps,
Sep 2010

Batch of grass in Pete's van from rear hatch

Grass in van looking from the front seat

First batch of grass in place

Area being prepared for second batch of grass

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