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 "Raccoons in Ceiling"
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Following is a pictorial history of the raccoons and other critters we caught using the live trap.  See the "Critter Story" for the complete details. 

Raccoon spotted on top of chimney On June 1, 2005

Raccoon has spotted me taking it's picture

He doesn't look too scared of me, might even take a nap

Going back inside to scratch on the ceiling

Live trap set up with food for bait next to chimney

Another view of live trap

2nd raccoon caught

3rd raccoon caught, click this link to see video of this raccoon

Here is the opposum we caught

A view from the end of the trap of opossum

One last picture of the not so friendly opossum

Here is the ground hog we caught

Closer picture of ground hog

Even closer yet

Check out those cute teeth on the ground hog

Raccoon number 6

Another of number 6

Raccoon number 7 was one of the teenagers

Close up of number 7

Number 7 is rather cute from this view

Trap with old towel on top in van getting ready for re-locating

Max pointing to where we released all the raccoons

Raccoon number 8, he was a scruffy one

Baby raccoon number one, it hid next to a cement cat bird bath on bottom deck

View of baby one from the front side while hiding

Baby one after going in trap

Baby raccoons 2 and 3 being held by animal control guy

Close up of babies 2 and 3

Penguin we caught in trap, this one really surprised us

Close up of the penguin, click this link to see video of Penguin

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